Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mr. Asperger

I said to my kids after we read Mr.Men's book..

Me: Ah.. I have a Mr.Naughty and Mr. Crazy!

Jayden: Who is naughty and who is crazy?

Me: Justin is Mr.Naughty and you are Mr.Crazy. Cos you like to spin :)

Jayden: Nolah. I am Mr.Asperger! *proud*

You see, he used to have low self esteem after knowing that he is an Aspie and his behaviour changed from bad to worst. So I smsed the therapist and told her about the issue. So for the next class, the therapist drew some stickman on wheelchair, with one leg, with sunglasses, fat. skinny and there was one perfect stickman right in the middle. My son asked her "what's wrong with him?" And she said "he? he looks perfect right? But he has Asperger. Just like you. You cannot see it because you look like anyone else but just that you behave and think differently from other people. He then asked her what are the characteristics of an Aspie and she listed them out.

And she wrote there are 3 types of Aspies
1. Don't know that they are Aspie
2. Know but don't care that they are Aspie
3. Know and want to change

Without a doubt he chose no.3 and he asked the teacher to tell him how to change. From then, he changed. And he is very proud to be an Aspie. Cos to him, Aspie makes him more clever than other people and best is, he has a licence to spin and ask questions many many times and you cannot blame him. :P

I used to be sad about my son being an Aspie. One day I am okay, one day I am stressed. It makes me wanna go mental. But after that day, I thought to myself if my son can accept that he is an Aspie, why can't I? If He wanna change, I'll help him as long as he wants me to.

Note to new parents dealing with the same issue:
Recognising is important.
Accepting is also important.
Because as long as you do not accept, you will be lost and will eventually be depressed. Sad is an inevitable thing once you know, and self pity is next. The most important thing is , Accept and move on. Find solution or seek help to help them so that they can have a brighter future. With patience and love, nothing is impossible. :)


  1. Like your last paragraph. Well said

  2. and me also mental. one day happy, one day so open minded and okay, the next day dunno hit by what wind then cry in the car like crazy driver. reach office, wipe tears away and come down, because there are lots of students need my counseling services. sigh.....everyone also got problem.