Saturday, February 02, 2013

Why they don't know me?

I was preparing something in the kitchen and suddenly JD ran down looking rather sad and said ..

JD: mami mami.. Come I show you something in the computer

Me: why? I'm busy right now.

JD: I went to google and type nciku like you.

Me: oh what did you type? You tell me here lah

JD: Then I wrote 曾健若 and they say no match found. Why they don't know me mami? Why?

Me: *lol* of course lah. You are not a thing ma. You are a person and there are so many people in this world. How to know everyone?

JD: then what can I find?

Me: find someother things lor. Like big dog? Small dog. Anything lah.

JD: okay!

Haha aiyoh this son.. *shake head*

1 comment:

  1. Ask him to google his English name next time. He will sure be thrilled at how many people know him. My boy always get excited whenever he comes across his English name on TV, books... Just this morning when he was reading a book, he told me, mom, see, his name is also Ian wor then followed by hehehehehe. Hahaha... Kids..