Monday, February 04, 2013

Of crisis and weeds.

Always believe that guys should also be taught to do house and gardening chores from young so that they won't leave it all to the wife in the future. I don't Want my DIL to Curse me :p

Anyway, So yesterday I Asked JD to help me pull the weeds in my garden and he did..

JD: what am I doing?

Me: you're weeding.

JD: what happens if we never weed the weeds?

Me: then the garden will have alot of weeds growing and then they will multiply and fill this garden up with alot of weeds.

JD: *worried* then you will have a weed crisis!!!!

Me: exactly! So you must pull till the roots come out.

JD: ....... So how do you smoke this weed?

Me: huh? Smoke this weed?

JD: ya. You smoke the weeds. This is weeds right?

Me: *slap forehead- damn YouTube and smosh videos!!" no this is not the weed that ppl smoke AND... Any type of weeds are BAD! This one that grows in my garden and also the ones people smokes. Those are drugs. It's bad bad for you. Ok?

JD: oh.. Ok. Bad for brains ah?

Me: yes. For brains. For lungs. Everything. It will kill you.

Aiyoh the things they learn via YouTube! Why cant they teach more positive stuff?

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  1. your post makes me laugh! weed hah...