Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How come you know wan?

JD's sch had a mini celebration with lion dance right before cny. When he came back I asked him what happened in sch and he said "nothing...nothing" and then I said
"let me guess. got 2 lions..right? and they play the drum like this *lion dance drum humming-tak tong chiang, tong chiang tong chiang chiang chiang* and then the back guy will lift the front guy up, and then the front guy will open and close the lion mouth right? and then the lion ate some oranges and then he spit out the oranges , it was nicely opened up right???" 

He was shocked that I know and he went "how come you know wan?".  and I said "cos I'm your mother lor. I know everything you do wan...".

Chewah. like real.

The crappy stuff that I tell my kids, unbelievable.

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