Monday, January 14, 2013

What's in my head today.

Over the weekend, a mum from Justin's new kindy thanked me because I spoke to her on the first day of school and enlightened her about Asperger. Her son had been to many specialist and hospitals for diagnosis and no one gave a clear answer. I told her the symptoms of an aspie and also asked about her family background and so on (just like what my dr asked us) and I was pretty sure that her son is an Aspie. Because each and every aspie has very different characters and behaviours, I have recommended her to see the child psychologist. Which she did over the weekend and confirmed her son is one. The condition of her son has caused her marriage to fail, alot of arguments and stress in the house. I told her things happen for a reason, you just need to understand that you can't rewind and go back in time. You gotto look at the future and stay focus. Now, you have to get it confirm. Stop living in a "Yes? No? Sure or not? Nolah!" life. Once you know, find a solution, stay focus and help him. That's all we can do. It's not an easy journey, but what you do today will affect your son's future. Early intervention is the most important thing now.

p/s: Actually it was Justin's teacher, who is also the boy's ex teacher that told the mom about me (because I shared with all the teachers about JD condition). The teacher has been telling the mum for a very long time about this and asked her to check it out. She was pissed and was in denial and even asked the teacher to adopt her son. Really need to thank the teacher for noticing it and introducing us both. Therefore I said, teachers knowledge towards all these are very important, because they are the first educators and since they have seen many kids, they will know the difference when they see a special child. Otherwise they will just label the kids "Rude, Naughty and stupid".


  1. Hi Sasha,
    May I know which child psychologist you went?


    1. Hi Carmen,
      Please email me at and i will send you the contact :)