Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mr Angin : Part I, II , III and IV

Part I: Chairs

At the restaurant. Big C stacked some chairs for the kids (also for the lil one cos ppl say he is big boy edi. Don't wanna sit baby chair anymore :S) and Big C placed Justin on top of 3 stacked chairs..

JT: No.No.No...*get down from chairs*
Big C: Huh? Why?
Me: Why? What happened.
JT: *point at the chairs* You take one down....
Big C: *followed his instructions and take one chair down*
JT: Then you put back up.
Big C: * put the chair back on top of 2 stacked chairs*
JT: okay. You carry me up.
Big C: *carry Justin and put him on top of 3 stacked chairs*
JT: *big smile and eat his food*
Big C: what happened ah? What is the difference?
Me: No difference wan. Saja Angin la.
Big C: :S


Part II ... In Bali. Going up a staircase and reached the top of the building.

JT: No. No. No. You go back down.
Big C: oh....*walked 4 steps down while carrying him*
JT: okay. You put me down lah.
Big C: oorgh....
JT: *walked up 4 steps* 
Big C: meh yeh see ah? (what happened)
Me: Angin again la.. what else.


Part III . Pooped.

Me: come come. pekpek (pooped) never tell me ah..come and wash bum
JT: No. No. No. Cannot.
Me: You follow me to the toilet now. Wash bum. So Smelly la You!
JT: No. No. Cannot!
Me: Come! * dragged him to the toilet and washed his bum*
JT: You AH! I say Don't wash my bum ah! You! You! You! YOU GIVE ME BACK MY PEKPEK(poo)! You GIVE.ME.BACK.MY.PEK.PEK now!!!!
Me: Siao ah you. Washed edi how to give back. What you wanna do with the poop?
JT: UWA!!! you very naughty! You washed my BUM! You! YOU! YOU ARE THE ONLY EXCEPTION!
Me: you really sot sot tei wan la.. *shake head in disbelief*


Part IV: TV
Me: come. come. let's go and take kor kor *off tv*
JT: NO!!!!!!!!! YOU cannot do this!
Me: Do what?
JT: *climb up the tv rack and on the tv*
Me: why you go and on the tv? We're going to fetch kor kor now.
JT: *off tv* okay. NOW go and take kor kor :D
Me: *sigh*

....what is the difference between me switching off the tv and him switching off the tv?. No one knows. Only Angin knows the reason why.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

D.I.M: Curtains, chair pads and...

Finally manage to sew my curtains.
It may not be some branded curtain.
It may not have artsy fartsy designs on it.
It's only Rm30.80 for that 3 pane curtains because we managed to get the fabric at rm3.80 per metre and this blogger sew it herself for few days cos the the fabric was thick like ( fill in the blank)    .
But my husband love it. Cos of obvious reason , the wife saved him some money. kekekeke (ah b, you donch angry ah..)

It's very easy to do it but it took me so long. Cos the fabric is so thick. And I seriously have no mood to sew. But then I wanna use up my fabrics so I sew another 2 chair pads.

(Left: old, Right: New, just in case you wanna say the left one is nicer. kekeke)

And the last one was ....(scroll back to the top pic please.. and then come back here to continue reading) is the 2 boys on the chairs. That one also I D-I-M. It's going to be a year since my "helper" left. I hired part time maids to help with the cleaning last year and this year i hope that I can hire less and do more myself.  This is the time you can go
2. Cheh, say sendiri do. Hire also no one know la.
3. So stupid can hire don't wanna hire. Sendiri lor lei chinnn
4. Cheh, so easy. I also do myself lah. Don't know why she wanna hire ppl to do also. So lazy!
5. (pls fill in the blank with your own words).

Whachever la.. I say only. Don't know can jadi or not. Just go with the flow la. I am only human and I need to manage so many things.  Last year I was trying like mad to try and be superwoman. First started cleaning and doing all sorts of things all by myself until I turned into a Monster and went into depression until I need to see dr to get some pills. Then I slowly do things, one at a time, and then I managed to sail through and its another new year again. You see, the horse died, so need to come down to the land and walk la. Nothing is impossible. I always believe there are 3 types of human:
1. The one makes things happen.
2. Wait for things to happen.
3. Don't know what is happening.

Last year I was No.1. Failed!
So tis year I mixed it, I am No.1 + no.2. *fingers crossed*

Heard this year is better for the one born in the year of Monkey *this is when you google for the people born in the year of monkey, no need. I am 30 this year). So let's wait and see la what 2011 brings me. Hopefully suddenly I become rich la.

Muahahhahaha dang! must be damn worn out with the cny preparation until i abit siao edi. Okay back to work now. Till then, take care. :D

D.I.M: Revamp Old Lantern

I bought some Vietnamese lantern last year. And since its still very nice, we decided to reuse it this year but wanna make it slightly different from last year (yeah la.. wanna save money but also wanna make it nice and don't want ppl to say we so "kiamsiap" by using old lanterns :P )

Bought some fake big flower ( is it caled..........peony?) and some cherry blossom flowers. Took out my glue gun, ribbons, wire cutter and voila!

Gong Hei Fatt Choy Ah!

I am happy and my husband is even happier cos his wife manage recycle stuff and save his pocket. kekeke. Altogether I used about Rm15 only.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Passed by the florist the other day and asked Jayden..

Me: Jayden, next time when you are bigger, will you buy flowers and give to mami?
Jayden: Nope.
Me: *shock* why!?!
Jayden: Because I buy for my girlfriend ma.
Me: Aiyoh... only buy for girlfriend? What about mami?
Jayden: *giggle* Do you know my girlfriend's name?
Me: *disappointed* sigh.. I don't know la..
Jayden: Amber lah...

Elaine, Cham lor. See one, time fall in love with your daughter edi. You see la. give birth to son. When small also think wanna give flowers to gf but not own mum edi. Kesian or not?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank You, Mr Frog!

Justin has a nickname - "Angin". You may call him Justin Angin Chan. Cos sometimes his mood is very nice and suddenly can change into Angin Taufan. So last night he was in his Angin mood and started to cry for no apparent reason and everything you say, does won't pacify him or keep him settle down.

Before that we just got home from Houz Depot. So while walking into the house I saw a frog hiding in front of our door.  We just ignored it and walked over him.

So since Angin was crying and throwing temper for more than 30 mins, I whispered to him.
Me: *whisper* Justin come come..
JT: *walk towards me and cried louder*
Me: * whisper* i tell you something. You better not cry so loud. Cos if you cry loudly, the frog will come wan.
JT: * cry softer* the frog come ah?
Me: *whisper* yeah.. really. The frog will come.
JT: *sob* the frog come take me and bite my bum bum?
Me: *whisper* ah.... you cannot be naughty like this. you know. You come I show you.
JT: *sob sob sob and followed*
Me: *opened the door slightly and point to the frog* You see, you cried so much. The frog came edi!
JT: *Whisper* The frog come ohdi. I no more cry now.
Me: *close door* Shhhhhh so please don't cry anymore. ok?
JT: *whisper* okay. *totally stopped crying*

This Morning...
Me: Good Morning Sunshine! time for breakfast okay?
JT: yes!
Me: Eat la.. eat la.. then we go change clothes okay?
JT: Mami...I eat properly. if not the frog come take me hor?
Me: What frog * forgotten* Oh yes the frog! Yes yes! you eat properly then the frog won't come
JT: *run to the door* ah no more frog ohdi!
Me: yeah cos you behaved yrself ma..
JT: *big smile*

Hehe Thank You, Mr Frog for saving the day! I don't know how long I can use this Frog thinggy but he definitely saved my ears (and of course my neighbour's too cos it was already 10pm that time!) for that moment and perhaps for a few days and that's good enough.

P/S: Yeah I lied. Bad Bad I know! :P

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


In the car...

Justin: mami?

Me: Mmmmm.....

Justin: mami.................

Me: MMmmmmmmmmmmm.....!

Justin: mami mami mami....!

Me: MMM!



Justin: Mami!!!!


Justin: *smile* you drive car lah.....

Me: *felt like banging head on steering wheels* :S


He happily posed for me without realizing that there was a noodle on his nose after his meal.
I showed him this picture and he said 
"Ah! got noodle on my nose!"
He happily took the noodle from his nose and put it into his mouth and said

Monday, January 17, 2011


He just developed this very weird habit.

Smelling my arms!

Especially when he is eating :(

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Eat More

In the shopping Mall...

Jayden: Mami this shoe is nice. You try lah

Me: *don't like the design* Oh thank you ah.. but too big la this shoe

Jayden: Nevermind wan. You go home, then you eat more rice, then you will grow bigger. Then you can wear this shoe lor.

Me: :S

Friday, January 07, 2011

Ah Ngan Cheh

In the car..

Jayden: Mami who bought Molly from Toys R Us Bandar Utama?
Justin: Ah Ngan cheh la
Jayden: Mami... who buy???
Justin: Ah Ngan Cheh Buy Molly wan...
Me: Yeah, this *point at myself* Ah Ngan Cheh bought Molly. Why?
Jayden: Oh.. Ah Ngan Cheh...

I always use the word Ah Ngan Cheh to describe my money. And the tiny one picked it up really quick and knows when and how to use it too. Hahah

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Small Fart

In the car ...

Me: bla bla bla bla (talking about Justin)
Big C: Who?
Me: Neh....the small fart la
Big C: Who is small fart?
Me: The one that just farted la.
Big C: ohhh hahahaha

Doctor Doctor...

We like to tease the kids and say that we're sick and we need to see doctor, FAST!

The other day...
Me: Oh.. I am so sick. Doctor Justin. Please help me.
Justin: ok..ok.. *climb on the bed and put his palm on my chest* bleath.....bleath....
me: hahaha Breath la!
Justin: *serious face* okay, breath..............
Me: *Breath*
Justin: Breath....
Me: *Breath*
Justin: Breath........
Me: *breath*
Justin: Breath.....
Me: Oi! breath how many time la?
Justin: Oh.... then ....errr you go to sleep la. *pat pat chest*
Me: huh??? hahhahah go to sleep?
Justin: yes. Sleep la.. shhhhh* pat pat chest*
Me: hahaha this doctor parlia wan. Ask to check what sickness I have, ask me to breath so many times and ask me to go sleep!

Last Night...
Me: doctor ... please help!
Justin: Yes.
Me: Please check me
Justin: Okay. Let me see what's inside. *pull shirt*
Me: eh??
Justin: Oh.. Got nen nen wan!
Me: eh check what's wrong with me la.. Don't hum sup me
Justin: *pull shirt again* got 2 nen nen! hahahahahahahahaha
Hub & Jayden: hahahahahahahahaha
Me: All also humsup!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2 for You....

and one for me.

That's what Jayden said when he fed Justin the mash potato which I got for Jayden (one of his fav food).

They (Big C and Jayden) really know how to spoil the small fart. But I am really glad that Jayden is very generous in sharing especially with his lil brother.

Monday, January 03, 2011

It's For You

Jayden requested fish for dinner and so I cooked for him. Then I asked him to eat more of the fish and he said to me...

"No, no... It's for you."

I was stunned and confused for a while. He NEVER say no to fish but he left some for me.

I always thought that I sucked being a mom but he sorta reminded me that no matter how terrible I feel about myself, I am doing something right. ^_^