Sunday, January 23, 2011


Passed by the florist the other day and asked Jayden..

Me: Jayden, next time when you are bigger, will you buy flowers and give to mami?
Jayden: Nope.
Me: *shock* why!?!
Jayden: Because I buy for my girlfriend ma.
Me: Aiyoh... only buy for girlfriend? What about mami?
Jayden: *giggle* Do you know my girlfriend's name?
Me: *disappointed* sigh.. I don't know la..
Jayden: Amber lah...

Elaine, Cham lor. See one, time fall in love with your daughter edi. You see la. give birth to son. When small also think wanna give flowers to gf but not own mum edi. Kesian or not?


  1. Biasa lah.. u better get used to it.. my son comes home from Penang and does disappearing act!!

  2. he is too cute... and I think he hasn't seen my fart's ferocious temper yet. Amber will b very taken with Jayden.. all her 'boyfriends' and guys that she drags to play 'marry' n 'keet fun' with at the bbsitter has ditched and divorced her .. LOL