Tuesday, January 25, 2011

D.I.M: Curtains, chair pads and...

Finally manage to sew my curtains.
It may not be some branded curtain.
It may not have artsy fartsy designs on it.
It's only Rm30.80 for that 3 pane curtains because we managed to get the fabric at rm3.80 per metre and this blogger sew it herself for few days cos the the fabric was thick like ( fill in the blank)    .
But my husband love it. Cos of obvious reason , the wife saved him some money. kekekeke (ah b, you donch angry ah..)

It's very easy to do it but it took me so long. Cos the fabric is so thick. And I seriously have no mood to sew. But then I wanna use up my fabrics so I sew another 2 chair pads.

(Left: old, Right: New, just in case you wanna say the left one is nicer. kekeke)

And the last one was ....(scroll back to the top pic please.. and then come back here to continue reading) is the 2 boys on the chairs. That one also I D-I-M. It's going to be a year since my "helper" left. I hired part time maids to help with the cleaning last year and this year i hope that I can hire less and do more myself.  This is the time you can go
2. Cheh, say sendiri do. Hire also no one know la.
3. So stupid can hire don't wanna hire. Sendiri lor lei chinnn
4. Cheh, so easy. I also do myself lah. Don't know why she wanna hire ppl to do also. So lazy!
5. (pls fill in the blank with your own words).

Whachever la.. I say only. Don't know can jadi or not. Just go with the flow la. I am only human and I need to manage so many things.  Last year I was trying like mad to try and be superwoman. First started cleaning and doing all sorts of things all by myself until I turned into a Monster and went into depression until I need to see dr to get some pills. Then I slowly do things, one at a time, and then I managed to sail through and its another new year again. You see, the horse died, so need to come down to the land and walk la. Nothing is impossible. I always believe there are 3 types of human:
1. The one makes things happen.
2. Wait for things to happen.
3. Don't know what is happening.

Last year I was No.1. Failed!
So tis year I mixed it, I am No.1 + no.2. *fingers crossed*

Heard this year is better for the one born in the year of Monkey *this is when you google for the people born in the year of monkey, no need. I am 30 this year). So let's wait and see la what 2011 brings me. Hopefully suddenly I become rich la.

Muahahhahaha dang! must be damn worn out with the cny preparation until i abit siao edi. Okay back to work now. Till then, take care. :D


  1. Love this post.. so true yet so humorous... I also try to 'do everything' and found out that it is not possible. Last year I used part time maids, no very ideal, so this year I hired a maid. Hopefully I get a good and decent one..

    Also, love all the DIY stuff you sew. Really save a lot of money and can get the designs you want.. salute you!

  2. Sasha, I can feel your stress, and stress is the most terrible feeling that I can't take it. I try to not getting stress up and I try my best to relax. So, I hope you can manage your stress too, don't let it affect your emotion.

  3. hahaha.....3 types of humans? But very true.

    The curtain is so nice.....

    Maid has its pro and con. Depending on what we want. Take it easy....

  4. Your sewing is superb. Do it in your own pace...don't push yourself too much. Wish you success this year. :)

  5. Do like my wife lar
    All those 'climb tall squad low', kumpul kumpul for the part time maid
    Everything else, do ourselves lor

  6. But I am itchy fart
    I must fill up no5

    5. (pls fill in the blank with your own words).

    Fuiyoh. Got 2 monkeys like that, still can do sendiri gar? Respect gao gao

  7. good job. do whatever that makes you happy!

  8. *press like*

    Can see that you are different from the past few months jor! Got improvement! Gonna be near 100% perfect edi!!! ;)

  9. hi 5..same here...hope Monkey having smoother and good luck this yr!

  10. well done Sasha but I can't help laughing when i saw the pic of yr boyz sitting on the chair.. next to curtain. looks like a scene from the 70's RTM's forum or interviews. so formal. :)

  11. Kids are getting older, easier to handle. Just train them to do things themselves and let them have fun.

    I like your chair pads and your new lantern look!

  12. Have a very prosperous and happy Chinese New Year!!! Go make that horse happen!!!

  13. You are preach doing beyond what a normal mom + wife would do. Come, I give you a good pat on the shoulder. Well done.

    Happy Chinese New Year and may the bunny year brings you more joy, good health and HUAT ahhh.... :)

  14. what i can say is cheap but ELEGANT...

    A happy and prosperous year ahead to you and your family.