Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank You, Mr Frog!

Justin has a nickname - "Angin". You may call him Justin Angin Chan. Cos sometimes his mood is very nice and suddenly can change into Angin Taufan. So last night he was in his Angin mood and started to cry for no apparent reason and everything you say, does won't pacify him or keep him settle down.

Before that we just got home from Houz Depot. So while walking into the house I saw a frog hiding in front of our door.  We just ignored it and walked over him.

So since Angin was crying and throwing temper for more than 30 mins, I whispered to him.
Me: *whisper* Justin come come..
JT: *walk towards me and cried louder*
Me: * whisper* i tell you something. You better not cry so loud. Cos if you cry loudly, the frog will come wan.
JT: * cry softer* the frog come ah?
Me: *whisper* yeah.. really. The frog will come.
JT: *sob* the frog come take me and bite my bum bum?
Me: *whisper* ah.... you cannot be naughty like this. you know. You come I show you.
JT: *sob sob sob and followed*
Me: *opened the door slightly and point to the frog* You see, you cried so much. The frog came edi!
JT: *Whisper* The frog come ohdi. I no more cry now.
Me: *close door* Shhhhhh so please don't cry anymore. ok?
JT: *whisper* okay. *totally stopped crying*

This Morning...
Me: Good Morning Sunshine! time for breakfast okay?
JT: yes!
Me: Eat la.. eat la.. then we go change clothes okay?
JT: Mami...I eat properly. if not the frog come take me hor?
Me: What frog * forgotten* Oh yes the frog! Yes yes! you eat properly then the frog won't come
JT: *run to the door* ah no more frog ohdi!
Me: yeah cos you behaved yrself ma..
JT: *big smile*

Hehe Thank You, Mr Frog for saving the day! I don't know how long I can use this Frog thinggy but he definitely saved my ears (and of course my neighbour's too cos it was already 10pm that time!) for that moment and perhaps for a few days and that's good enough.

P/S: Yeah I lied. Bad Bad I know! :P


  1. This is really hilarious. Thanks for making me smile.

  2. Haha... The frog save ur day. By the way, I have one angin, tou hong at home too.

  3. Hahaha. You really creative until use the frog trick on your kid. Wonder what's next?

  4. white lie is good anyway. my hse got old, and little angins too, sigh...what a year for me!

  5. Glad this white lies works wonder to you! haha.....

  6. LOL! Saved by the frog!

  7. These are lies I won't mind telling too ;-P

  8. u studied psychology before? :)

  9. hahaha... smart mummy :-) was that the actual frog ahh?!

  10. That's a good trick i dont mind to use..