Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mr Angin : Part I, II , III and IV

Part I: Chairs

At the restaurant. Big C stacked some chairs for the kids (also for the lil one cos ppl say he is big boy edi. Don't wanna sit baby chair anymore :S) and Big C placed Justin on top of 3 stacked chairs..

JT: No.No.No...*get down from chairs*
Big C: Huh? Why?
Me: Why? What happened.
JT: *point at the chairs* You take one down....
Big C: *followed his instructions and take one chair down*
JT: Then you put back up.
Big C: * put the chair back on top of 2 stacked chairs*
JT: okay. You carry me up.
Big C: *carry Justin and put him on top of 3 stacked chairs*
JT: *big smile and eat his food*
Big C: what happened ah? What is the difference?
Me: No difference wan. Saja Angin la.
Big C: :S


Part II ... In Bali. Going up a staircase and reached the top of the building.

JT: No. No. No. You go back down.
Big C: oh....*walked 4 steps down while carrying him*
JT: okay. You put me down lah.
Big C: oorgh....
JT: *walked up 4 steps* 
Big C: meh yeh see ah? (what happened)
Me: Angin again la.. what else.


Part III . Pooped.

Me: come come. pekpek (pooped) never tell me ah..come and wash bum
JT: No. No. No. Cannot.
Me: You follow me to the toilet now. Wash bum. So Smelly la You!
JT: No. No. Cannot!
Me: Come! * dragged him to the toilet and washed his bum*
JT: You AH! I say Don't wash my bum ah! You! You! You! YOU GIVE ME BACK MY PEKPEK(poo)! You GIVE.ME.BACK.MY.PEK.PEK now!!!!
Me: Siao ah you. Washed edi how to give back. What you wanna do with the poop?
JT: UWA!!! you very naughty! You washed my BUM! You! YOU! YOU ARE THE ONLY EXCEPTION!
Me: you really sot sot tei wan la.. *shake head in disbelief*


Part IV: TV
Me: come. come. let's go and take kor kor *off tv*
JT: NO!!!!!!!!! YOU cannot do this!
Me: Do what?
JT: *climb up the tv rack and on the tv*
Me: why you go and on the tv? We're going to fetch kor kor now.
JT: *off tv* okay. NOW go and take kor kor :D
Me: *sigh*

....what is the difference between me switching off the tv and him switching off the tv?. No one knows. Only Angin knows the reason why.


  1. Fuh!!! hahahaha...his angin is funny and reminded me of my daughter (Zoe) too :p

  2. Kids ma.. no explanation needed for their actions and words :-). My daughter also the same, if I switch off the TV she will cry. She must be the one to switch it off.

  3. muahahhahahahaahahha...he is too funny and he has both of you wrapped around his fingers....muahahahahahhahaah. what a cheeky boy!

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Beh tahan!!! Siu sei ngor!!!!

  5. I think he just wants to do his own way. lol!

  6. hahaha..laughing in agreement...

    my 2 1/2 boy oso does the same thing...he would want control of everything.

    Off the Iphone, he'll scream and just switch on and switch off is opening the water tap for him..or pressing the handsoap for short don't do anything without him "instructing" else expect him to get u to redo things..hohoho

  7. oh same here!! my son also NEEDS to do certain things himself.. and he will also make a huge fuss when I do it without telling him!! really angin lah

  8. even though I'm going to leave a simple comment, but can't resist not to leave one,
    SO~ CUTE~
    both mother and son :)

    (i also don't know what's the diff.)

  9. wakakakakakakkakakakak! kids and their angin, so unpredictable!

  10. actually hor..he has he own style!

  11. waohahahahaahahah...

    dun worry, mine like yours. esp TV and fan. No one else can switch off..oni him!

  12. u're telling me! why must they go through that ANGIN phase, ya???

  13. hahaha U oso kena marah by the son. My son will scold me naughty too. sigh...

  14. I think he is a dictator.

  15. hahaha,next time big boss lo!

  16. hahahahaha you are the only exception? like adult lor...

  17. Ha ha ha ha... thanks for sharing this. His angin made my day.

  18. Hahaha... same case with my son! The "YOU AH" and switching off tv part!

    At least JT will go and turn the tv on back. Mine asked me to switch it on back and he'll switch it off then oni satisfied. Sigh.