Friday, January 07, 2011

Ah Ngan Cheh

In the car..

Jayden: Mami who bought Molly from Toys R Us Bandar Utama?
Justin: Ah Ngan cheh la
Jayden: Mami... who buy???
Justin: Ah Ngan Cheh Buy Molly wan...
Me: Yeah, this *point at myself* Ah Ngan Cheh bought Molly. Why?
Jayden: Oh.. Ah Ngan Cheh...

I always use the word Ah Ngan Cheh to describe my money. And the tiny one picked it up really quick and knows when and how to use it too. Hahah


  1. Ok, today onwards, I wont call u silai or sasha anymore.. :)

  2. Pandai lah that lil boy of urs. ;)

  3. ahhh why ah ngan cheh?? I dun gettit!