Thursday, January 06, 2011

Doctor Doctor...

We like to tease the kids and say that we're sick and we need to see doctor, FAST!

The other day...
Me: Oh.. I am so sick. Doctor Justin. Please help me.
Justin: ok..ok.. *climb on the bed and put his palm on my chest* bleath.....bleath....
me: hahaha Breath la!
Justin: *serious face* okay, breath..............
Me: *Breath*
Justin: Breath....
Me: *Breath*
Justin: Breath........
Me: *breath*
Justin: Breath.....
Me: Oi! breath how many time la?
Justin: Oh.... then ....errr you go to sleep la. *pat pat chest*
Me: huh??? hahhahah go to sleep?
Justin: yes. Sleep la.. shhhhh* pat pat chest*
Me: hahaha this doctor parlia wan. Ask to check what sickness I have, ask me to breath so many times and ask me to go sleep!

Last Night...
Me: doctor ... please help!
Justin: Yes.
Me: Please check me
Justin: Okay. Let me see what's inside. *pull shirt*
Me: eh??
Justin: Oh.. Got nen nen wan!
Me: eh check what's wrong with me la.. Don't hum sup me
Justin: *pull shirt again* got 2 nen nen! hahahahahahahahaha
Hub & Jayden: hahahahahahahahaha
Me: All also humsup!


  1. Dr Justin is correct ma. hahaha

  2. Hahahaha. That's totally adorable.

  3. ya.....humsup at younng age. i can agree to that

  4. Your kids are funny as always.

  5. Hahaha... Your kids are real cute and funny as always..

  6. walaowei, hahahahahhahahha!

  7. ah haha, so kawai,
    good idea for me to play with my daughter, you're so creative... i'm a bad mom... serious...

  8. Wat to do, u're the oni one "different" in the hse. LOL