Monday, March 28, 2011


I can say, it's been a hell of a week.

First it was Justin being diagnosed with Hernia. No. Not the big Swollen Kukujiao Type. Its this type.

So brought him all the way to the hosp and arranged for the surgery. And on the day I brought him to make appointment, Jayden was down with flu and cough. So big possibility Justin can't go for the op if he is infected. So then on the day of the op, he was alright. I didn't sleep properly cos I had to wake up at 4 am to feed him milk before he need to fast for 4 hours before the surgery. So I tried to sleep but end up waiting for my alarm to go on. And then by 7 am we're at the hosp. And right in front of the nurse, the kiddo sneezed ACHOOOOOOO! That's it. Operation cancelled cos they suspected that he is infected with flu. Rescheduled 2 weeks later. So in between then, I gotto make sure that they recover fast while rushing with my own design and sewing jobs.  And of course, since the "king" is scheduled for op, we can't make him cry much. Cos each time he cries the hernia became so visible. So gotto "tahan/YAN" max with this terrible 2 behaviour.

On the day before the operation, I had diarrhea. Don't know what crap I ate that made me lausai the whole day. Then it was THE day of the ops. All is well. NO ONE IS COUGHING and NO ONE is SNEEZING. YAY! YAY MAX! So yeah he went and did the operation (story another day can? very tired and need to rant first)

So before that ,on the day of operation I didn't sleep again. I thought i heard my phone rang at 2 am but I was just hallucinating. Then my phone rang at 4 am. And then by 645am we're there even before the nurse came to work. And I was with him all the time (except when they potong him). I was so tired, mentally and physically. Ppl asked why didn't you sleep, why you never rest. Why why why why? Did i say I never tried? It's just the mind is worried.

So potong-ed on friday. And that day itself he was discharged and everyone happily went home. I slept like a BABY that night. Don't say sleep. Pangsai also like happier. And then Jayden started to cough. Damn. I hate it when he cough cos he'll get all phlegmy and then start to wheeze and then fever and la la la la the story goes on.  And then he started to cough badly, then like how I expected, he became wheezy and was extremely cranky.

Bad timing. Aunt flo came but I think she had difficulty in landing. So like tersekat sekat cannot come out. So mom was extremely cranky too. You don't wanna mess with a mum with aunt flo got stucked half way and not coming properly!!!!

So while bathing Jayden last night, he was brushing his teeth. And before that, I washed justin poopy bum and accidentally left a lump on the floor.(yeah, faster point and say what kind of mother are you! How can that happen! :P)  Guess what ? Jayden just had to go and use his toothbrush (should i highlight that its a thomas toothbrush?) and press onto the shit. ARGH!!!!!!!EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!OUMAIKOT!!!! was the thing that came out from my mouth. Really EXPLODE like mad. Scold. Scold.Scold.and scold samo!

Then at night his condition got worse. The entire day he was on liquid. Whatever that he eat, end up being vomited after each cough.  So again, at night after his milk he vomited. And then he went to sleep and he was breathing very heavily and was crying the entire night. Of course, I didn't sleep. (again) . And then this morning first thing was change everyone and went to the hosp. The dr checked very thoroughly and even compared him and justin's body structure. So she said put him on this and that and asked me to come back on wed. I was thinking.. Aiyoh.. tomorrow already gotto come back for Justin's dressing for his hernia, wednesday come back again???? I can walk around this hosp with my eyes closed edi!  So I told her can we come back tomorrow instead? and she agreed. So tomorrow morning will be a busy day for me cos I need to bring justin to check his stitches and then also bring jayden to see another dr to check his lungs.

Today after we got back from the hosp, I checked email and my customer replied. Work resume before my body T-KO which I know is SOON, very SOON! So i checked my design OH DAMN! I did the wrong design because I referred to the wrong design. I was so stressed the week before I referred to the wrong design. *slap forehead*

And at this moment, Jayden came  down with his nose-bleeding. "Mami mami, my nose bleeding". I said "when did it started?"  he said "after I drink the cough medicine! " he replied happily. I said "OUMAIKOT!!!!!! WHAT COUGH MEDICINE!!!!!!!" He said "WOODS!"
I screamed "ARE YOU CRAZY I told you not to drink any medicine yourself. I JUST GAVE YOU your medicine just now!!!!" and ran up to check the bottle.

True enough, the bottle is nearly empty. I quickly called Big C and he rushed back. Asked and asked him , how much you drink? how you drink? why you drink? and he just smiled and smile. *PULL HAIR*  Then both of us calmed down asked again and asked him to demonstrate how much he drank and all, then we know he took 3 times more his dosage. But so far he is okay, never knock out or acting like gila.

Sometimes I wonder.. am I the only one with so drama motherhood story. Anyway, I just pray for everything to go on very s-m-o-o-t-h-l-y. Tomorrow after Justin's stitches being checked by dr and when Jayden recovers from his coughing, everything will be better. Right? I REALLY HOPE SO! if not I'll go mental.

But don't get me wrong. I am not unhappy being a mom. Seriously. Even though I have gone through so many dramatic incidents, I am happy. I may be tired physically and mentally, I may be complaining about my kids making me pull hair but seriously I am very happy with my boys (big and small ones). It's just everything happened at the same time and I have too much on my plate. That's why I dropped some off like my sewing and also my design to concentrate on my kids. Otherwise sure KO and masuk Tj. Rambutan

My kids are normally very active but then they are most of the time sweeter than choc. (That explains why I don't eat choc!) It's just because everything happened at the same time. Like how I started with this post... it's a tough week.  Just hope tomorrow will be like Yenjai's sms to me.. tomorrow will be a better day, literally. *fingers crossed*


  1. Sorry to hear about Justin. Does it hurt? Also at least now you know Jayden is NOT allergic to Woods! Jokes aside, wishing both your heroes a speedy recovery. HUGS!

  2. It takes a mum like you, to makes us feel, Mum can achieve great heights under pressure

  3. Life is full up ups and downs. I remember I was quite down during the new year time, you rant in my blog and you are one of them to encourage me to stay positive. I can understand how tired you are especially your children are sick. Hang in there, ok?

  4. wah so many things happened at the same time... damn reli chia lat.. i hope by the time u read this, the kids are better. i tot mine wud be the worse (wt my litte boy), looks like i hv to tabik u wat a great mom are u.. oh btw, those medicine, please hide lah :)

    so take care ya..

  5. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Hang in there... Hang in there.... at least Aunt Flo is here and leaving soon. Hang in there superpowermom!!

  6. Big *hugs* Sasha. You'll see the rainbow soon.

  7. gosh.. didnt know you had your hands and leg occupied.. sorry to hear that.. but happy to know that all is well.. u r a great mum!! tahan.. tahannnnn...

  8. It's a test. Many times you've gone thru it ... no worries am sure you'll be fine this time. You can do it. Relax! Meditate perhaps??!

  9. sorry to hear about both incidents with the boys. hang in there!

  10. Hugs! I hear you! I know it is not easy. Like me, I love my children, I enjoy staying home watching them, but there are moments I am depress and a lot of craziness going around the household.

    I am stress now, coz exam tomorrow and never register in my mind. Maybe will hand in blank paper tomorrow.

  11. oh gosh... the first thing that came to mind was how did you cope with that!! I would have pengsan long time ago!

    that aside, hope the kids get well soon and take good care ya.. *hugs*

  12. Now i guess i can identify with what you are going through as a parent,,,, but i am sure Moms are better than Papas as far as tough week is concerned..

    hang it there ya, don't lose your breath.

    I like this and i want to say this to you too," Tough times never last but though people do"

    take care now and god bless ya

  13. Hang on there Sasha. I know how tired are you. all mummies are tough ladies. I have only 1 daughter, been hospitalised 3 times. Everytime kena attack bronkitis, I stayed at the hosp for a week. I can even play doctor now, knowing the medicine name, operate the nebuliser myself etc, etc. And the feeling, worried, sad bla bla bla. I won't say 'don't worry' because all mummies are sure worried all the time. Be strong because you are not alone, yeah. God close one window but He will open another door :0)

  14. hugs to you...hope you feel better...
    I hope Justin is well now...

  15. Hope everything is getting better in your household!! Stay strong.

  16. motherhood is never easy ya. Take care of yourself too ok.

    hope your kids recovered soon. The ops one and the cough one.

  17. supermom, u will be fine!

  18. Indeed very dramatic but you did coping well...

    Hopefully the boys are fine now!!!

  19. sasha, that picture u shared is so good. i was wondering what the hell is hernia and if it is related to swollen kkj too, hahaha!!! and that pic explain everything.

    You did well yourself taking care of the boys. *hugs*

  20. i don't know why but i read the part about the toothbrush and the cough syrup, i just cracked up. literally laughed out loud! :D i think your kids are TOOOO cute and drama always makes for good stories!! :D :D hang in there, enjoy the ride. once they're grown and off to college, it'd be a whole different ball game and you'll miss these days more than anything (i have a funny feeling)

    (: (: (: