Monday, March 07, 2011

I'm Sorry Mami

I hurt my leg yesterday while cleaning my porch and last night I removed the plaster to change with a fresh new one. Justin saw and said..

Justin: Mami.. is yr leg pain pain?

Me: *pretend to be sad and in pain* yes.. very painful

Justin: *concerned look* then.. you cannot walk ohdi?

Me: Yes.. cannot walk anymore. Can you help me? Can you carry me?

Justin: *think* you cannot walk anymore?

Me: *pretend to cry* yes.... *sob* *Sob**sob*

Justin: *lower head and think* I'm sorry mami...

Me: *sob* why? why sorry ?

Justin: I'm sorry mami. I'm too small. I cannot carry you *sad face*

Me: *tahan wanna laugh* you too small? Nolah.. You try and see.. maybe you can lift me up?

Justin: *shake head very slowly* no....I am too small to carry you. I'm sorry mami..

Jayden: *rushed in from outside* What happened?

Me: *pretend to be in pain - but actually sibeh pain la!* my leg is so painful

Jayden: Oh then we need to put plaster and kiss it! *rub out* Dadi! mami need plaster!

Justin: *followed JD* dadi dadi! mami leg painful. Can you need plaster? (can you give plaster)

Big C: What happened? 

Me: My leg pain la. Changing plaster.

Big C: okay i'll go and get one.

Jayden and Justin : *run in with plaster*

Jayden: here you go mami.... *stick plaster on leg and pat pat gently*

Me: thank you boys...

Justin: now you feel better ? Can you walk ohdi?

Jayden: No. We need to kiss mami plaster then she can walk *kiss plaster*

Me: ooii... pain . Not so hard. 

Jayden: oh... *kiss very very gently next to the plaster* like this better ?

Me: yes... much better thank you. :D

Justin: I also want to kiss. *SMACK HARD ON PLASTER*

Me: *tears also wanna come out* thank you thank you but very pain. Now u all please go away so i can sleep.

The leg is still in pain but the heart got melted, twice. ;)


  1. sweet yah. Who says boys cannot be sweet, hor?

  2. lol! Smack head on plaster. Wakakaka! Your boys are so sweet. God is so nice to you, you have three boys make your heart melted.

  3. Awwww...........
    I wanna say the same think like PL, "who says sons cannot be sweet!"

  4. Gosh.. who says boys are not sai sum!

  5. wahhh.... my heart also melt leh :-)

  6. both Js are so cute.... so sweet.. dont need to put sugar in the coffee anymore..

  7. Aiyo so manyak sweet lar the boys.

  8. I melted at the "I'm sorry, I'm too small" comment. So sweeeet!

  9. Sweet brothers. What happened to your leg? Got a cut?

  10. we know how our sons are going to trick their gf into marrying them later on, just like how i was tricked by super sensitive hubby, sigh...

  11. Aww, so sweet. My heart also melted!