Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Please don't be angry..

I asked the kids to help clean up their play room while I think of how to best redo the room to be more organized. I was sitting on the bed, thinking when Jayden came in..

Jayden: Mami.... Please don't be angry *sit down and held my hand*
Me: Oh.. i'm not angry.
Jayden: Then why are you sitting here?
Me: I am thinking of how to clean the playroom.
Jayden: Oh, don't worry. I will help you clean the room okay? Now please don't be angry okay?

And he really helped me :)


  1. He is such a sweet loving, thoughful boy.

  2. This mummy is entitled to an academy award.. not angry but can put on angry face.. :)

  3. OMG, my heart will melt if my son tell me like this next time... =)

  4. Really BIG BOY edi .. know how to 'tam' you ... such a sweet boy :P

  5. Jayden is such a sweetheart!
    He is very observant too yea ;)

  6. He is such a darling

  7. awww.....so sweet...