Thursday, March 31, 2011

DIM: Brown Paper Party Bags

I was looking around for the brown paper bag to store some party goodies for my son's birthday. The ones I found is not that nice and the nice ones, well.. gotto travel very far to get it and the one that is easily bought around my area, you need to buy min 300 pcs. O.o So I decided to D-I-M.

Brown paper : Rm 2.50 per pc x 2 pcs (makes 16 bags) = Rm 5
String : from my kitchen, used to tie my chicken when roasting.
Glue: Stole from my son's bag.
Personalized names: cut out from my old magazines.
Total cost : Rm 5 for 16 bags

So here goes. One tip you gotto remember, your folding must be perfect. Read on and you'll know why.
Step 1: cut the paper into desired size x 2 + folding ( about extra 1 inch)
Fold it and glue it in the middle. For faster and easier and also mess free paper bag, you can use double sided tape.
Fold it and let it dry.
Okay now for the bottom part. Fold it according to the width that you like. But please make sure that its straight, as in for example 1 inch all the way from left to right. Otherwise you won't get a perfect paper bag.
open up the folding and fold again. Make sure that the lines meet.
Fold down, make sure the folding passes the line of the triangle. gosh i am lost for words.. i don't know how to describe it. Please refer to next pic to see what I mean. haha
See the red line? That is from the folding since pic 1 until pic err (now!) See the blue portion, that's where you glue on the inside.
Then fold the sides.Make sure that the lines meet again yeah. And remember if its 0.5 inch, then it should be 0.5in from the edge all the way from left to right.

Fold both sides and open it up. This is what you should get. See? It's perfectly folded. To make sure you get a nice line, use something like the back of the scissors and press down.

Open it up and fold like how a paper bag is always folded. Punch some holes at the top and add some string to it. And tadaaa

Happy D-I-Y!


  1. Very nice.... where did you manage to get such a big sheet or thick brown paper?

  2. good tip! thanks for sharing...

  3. You are really good and creative.

  4. This is exactly right up my alley!! I love everything homemade. Was it kraft papers that u use? HOw thick was it? I was looking for thicker ones but couldnt find them to date. Where did u get yours from?

  5. *wipe cold sweat*

    Well done and salute you. I think i will just go and buy, after seeing how you DIY it.

  6. Well done creative mama ;)

  7. well done! i hate folding part. I followed an instruction online and it was hard to understand. Your step-by-step is easier :D yeah, where did u get kraft paper? we used to sell them but not anymore :(

  8. Yup, very nice.. but where to get such brown paper?

  9. is it kraft paper? I don't know what it's called but i took a buku latihan and went around asking "hello. u got this kinda paper?" and its quite thick and not flimsy like the brown paper. I bought my papers from this bookshop in Old town PJ and also In the tanjungmas bookshop in Giant Kelana Mall.

  10. aiyo, you so hardworking and patient! if it's me i surely opt some other things, don't care nice not..hahaha

  11. Hey that's a good idea and we can customise to suit our needs. Happy Belated Birthday to Jayden