Wednesday, March 02, 2011

It's not his birthday...

My mum asked Jayden what he want for his bday. And he replied "I want the Thomas rollerskate with helmet and padding one". And so.. "PING!!!" wish was granted. (Joke: what is better than Genie in a bottle? A grandma :) )  Mum gave me Rm200 and asked me to bring him to go and get the rollerskate set. But I said "let me ask his dad first".

So true enough when we got back and I told Big C about it, he said to scrap the idea off cos:
1. He might not like Thomas for long
2. Too dangerous.

So bye bye rollerskate. Last night I brought him to Toy's R Us to search for a bday pressie for his friend and also search for something he like with the cash that grandma gave him. And we saw what he wanted very long time ago.


Both the engines were packed and sold separately. I said "okay. It's your birthday. So we'll buy 2 for you okay?"

He replied " No need. You buy one for me only. And you buy one for titi also"

I said "nevermind. It's your birthday. We buy 2 for you okay?"

He said "Okay!" with a big smile.

We bought 2 trains and ....

he gave Justin one.

He said "it's not his birthday. But it's okay. I give him one. One for me and one for him."

*smile from ear to ear*


  1. He is such a nice boy, and good brother.

  2. omg...he never fails to surprise me leh..always can over sweetness one! so naissss! the best birthday boy ever!

  3. Anonymous5:36 PM

    ayo... aunty sayangssssssss....

    aunty so glad mami found bash n dash for u.. not easy to find k!!!!

  4. Really matured of him. Is he for real? Wanna exchange? hahahaha

  5. So sweet of him, best brother on earth

  6. he is still so into train until now nice to give didi one :)

    btw, i saw u got new header ler..very nice!

  7. Give yourself a pat.. good upbringing ma..

  8. awwww...such a thoughtful kor kor :) eh..he doesn't like scooter? not as dangerous as rollerskates :)

  9. gosh, brotherly love! Jayden is so angeeeeeeeeeel!

  10. Bash and Dash fun and loving with each other, just like JD and JT. :D

  11. Sasha, I still remember I made Jayden a birthday e-card few years back. And it feels like just yesterday! Time sure flies...

    Jayden is such great kor kor! I offer him a birthday pressie! Ask him what he likes and I'll get for him! :)

  12. how to like this post ?? hahahaha..
    He is such a very generous boy.. sayang him..

  13. Awww.. that was so sweet of him to share with his little brother..

  14. Such a great kor kor!!! Good job Jayden! How I wish Shan Leo will do the same :(