Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hernia Operation

When the dr said "mummy, you go into the operation theatre with him okay? My mind went blank. "me?" I thought. What if i faint? But then, I have no choice. Big C said "he needs you more". He was right. So I changed into the scrubs and went in with him.

The wait was short, but it felt like forever. The nurse asked him to change into the op clothes and he refused until she said "i buy for you choc okay?" and he said " I want small choc ah....." And a promise was made with a pinky swear.
And after that he ran around playing doctor with me, the chair, the curtain, the bed, and everything he can see.
Dr asked me to fill up a form, sign here, write the date, and all. I began to write and I paused for a very long time. Gosh! I was too panicked til i forgot my own address. Is it 2X/9B? 2X/X9? And then to fill up the date. I clearly remember that it is 26th March. But what year ? Totally forgot and the dr calmed me down and told me .. "it's year 2011 maam".
After that, everything was so fast. "This way can wait here maam....put the child here maam....." I just followed. My heart began to sank and tears was flooding my eyes. As I saw him lying on the op theatre bed, he was so cheerful.
They said "justin aunty bring u to see green baloon ok?" He said "no. I only want orange bayoon". They said "oh no.. we only have green". and then he said "green only? hmmm okay. I will blow the green bayoon". They said.. "okay justin blow here ... blow... one more time...." and he passed out.
As soon as he passed out all i can hear was "Okay. Maam. You can follow my colleague out now". So i went out , quickly catch a bite and then hurried back to the waiting room. And then the nurse came "Mrs Chan. It's done :)" So I quickly walked to the op room and there he was with the oxygen thinggy.

They said "try and wake him up yeah.. so we can move him to the day surgery room". And so I started to wake him up. 30 mins later he was still sleeping. At this time, I noticed that his eyelashes were so long. Sitting there, waiting for him to wake up, i just felt like crying. I don't know why.

And then the nurse came to wake him up and he scolded the nurse "don't disturb me ah.. i am sleeping" AHHA! That meant only one thing, he is fine. So moved him to the daysurgery room and there I waited for an hour or two. I was dead tired and fell asleep sitting up. The nurse came and asked me to wake him up to feed him water and to make sure he pee so can go home on the same day. So I asked Big C to go and buy a milk bottle and a pack of milk. Cos he always wakes up after milk. And I was right. Immediately after he woke up, i quickly changed shift with Big C and went for lunch with Jayden. After that I received and sms from Big C asking me to hurry back to the room cos he was asking for me and don't forget the IPAD. So I went and he was crying for me cos we gotto do a quick swap and he was left alone when Big C walked out.

Then onwards, he was happily playing ipad, teaching the nurse to play the games and even lie down on his tummy while playing ipad. Then he peed and tadaaa... we're home 8 hours after we went to hospital.

I asked him "justin.. why did u go to hosp?"
he replied "because dr want to find worm from my stomach".
I asked him again.."when the nurse asked u to blow the balloon, what happened after that ?"
he replied " i blow the bayoon.. the green bayoon.. then i blow blow and then my leg pain ohdi".
Cos when he woke up, he found that his leg was bandaged, and he thought that was it.
He didn't complain at all about the wound on his tummy and finally today we went to remove the plaster. The wound healed perfectly and he can finally bath today. Hooray!

P/S: and yes, the nurse really bought for him chocolate :P such a nice lady


  1. a brave little boy ! Glad that the ops are over now.

    Oh yes...he has got very long eye lashes. So handsome!

  2. The nurse is really nice, as she kept her promise. Glad to know he is doing fine now, and you stay strong ok?

  3. Good for him! Hope he stay healthy hereon.

    The nurse also very caring. Can "Thum" kids

  4. I am also very proud of him... such a brave boy! blow green balloon.. gosh, i was so terrified those days.. 4 operations were enough.. please!!

  5. he's such a brave boy

  6. Very brave boy!!

    Good that everything over now and good to hear that the wound heal perfectly! Good boy Justin!

  7. How come his leg is balut? I thought the hernia was at the thigh area?
    Justin - you are a super duper brave boy!!
    Mummy - I know that it's one of the toughest thing to do - to put and see your child on the operating table. U did well too mummy.

  8. so cheerful! now mommy and son dunit worry anymore! brave boy!

  9. Justin indeed a brave boy. Thanks god everything is fine now.

    Complimentary go to mommy and daddy tooo............

  10. JT is sooooo brave! Must be really scary seeing him on the hospital bed but luckily, he had also made it easier for you.

    He looks like JD with the Ipad.