Friday, October 16, 2009

Silent Treatment

It's a challenge for me to deal with work at home and also with a 3 yr old boy that like to cry for every reason and sometimes for no reason at all.

He can cry and scream for hours, very loudly too.

Whack, done.

Scold, done.

Talk, done.

And now, Ignore.

So far so good I can say.

Last 2 Days, he woke up crying for no reason...

JD: mami.. uwaaaaaa Mumble Mumble Mumble Uwaaaaaa
Me: I cannot hear what you're saying. So you sit here, and you cry la. Just cry until you think you had enough and you want to stop, then only you talk to me okay?
JD: *nod and really sat down and cried!*
5 mins later...
JD: Mami.. i finished crying edi mami...
Me: Okay so tell me what you want.
JD: I want Kup Kup (Coke)
Me: No Coke.
JD: How about Ribena?
Me: Okay. Go ask Ning to make for you

You see? Want to drink Coke/ Ribena also cry for no reason.

Yesterday he cried again for dunno what reason and he kept screaming and screaming:
Me: You go out from my room. I don't like to hear ppl cry for no reason. *locked him out of my working room*
JD: *crying and banging on door then after 10 mins he stopped. He came in Via his room's toilet which is joint to my working room and peeped at the door*
JD: *climbed on my chair* mami. mamii... *tap shoulder* I finished crying edi......
Me: *Ignored him*
JD: *went out*

20 mins later...
JD: *show pinky* mami.. my finger got boo boo..
Me: *ignored*
JD: mami got skin coming out...
Me: *ignore*

10 mins later...
JD: mami...*climb behind my seat*
Me: *ignore*
JD: You (i) Massage you..mami.. *massage shoulder*

10 Mins later...
JD: mami.. You ( I ) finished crying edi... Please hold your (my) hand? You "friend" me okay?
Me: Okay.. You don't cry and shout like just now anymore okay? *typing in gtalk with hubby and telling him what is happening at home and I laughed*
JD: what is so funny mami?
Me: err nothing nothing.

At night during dinner...
JD: *Screamed*
Me: *stare*
JD: mami.. please hold your (my) hand. Please "friend" me okay? I miss you mami....*kissed my lips* I miss you mami........

So, the conclusion is. Silent treatment can work for small boys also but for how long leh?


  1. I do the same too and it works. Also works on the big man so rest assured that it works for a veryyyyyyyyyyyy long time LOL

  2. hahaha....laughing at that mommy's comment on top!

    don say Jayden, qiqi so big liao also sometimes cry for no reason. feel like spanking her oni.

  3. hahahahhahahhaa, so cute and so sweet!

    After the silent treatment, got some sweet treatment also ma..not bad. :P

  4. LOL ! I tried when she was 2 yrs old, it worked. After a while, she'll feel like 'eh... why nobody wanna talk to me ?' and give up crying. Now, crying is not an issue anymore,she just talks non-stop and we have to pay 100% attention *sigh*

  5. Ever try giving him a big hug when he cry. Does it help? Emily also same, when she cry, she will mumble wat she wants. After I dicipher what she wants n give to her, she stops. I think she just want attn.

  6. i'm sure in due time, he will stop crying coz it looks like he cried for attention only mah. once he receive none from you, sure he give up. ;)

  7. jeremy also can cry for no reason, somemore very long .... so ur way is to ignore ???? but can drag on very long sometime can vomit lei ... :(

  8. I think it works on everyone!! :D

  9. yes i agree...cause if you ignore them and give the silent treatment, then they know that they cannot get your attention that they try something else :)

  10. Maybe it is that growing stage?? My 3 years old gal seldom cry, unless been spanked. But when she wants to cry, her tears can flow easily. Wonder how kids do it??

  11. Works on girls too *wink*

  12. OK! i will try ur way. I m going NUTs. This t2 whining is unbearable. I lost my temper on philip, on my maid.........

  13. :) looks like most moms do it too. have been doing it to my no. 1 too and it works, most of the times (few times she did some stuff which i cannot remain silent).

  14. Haha. Got massage sumore. Keep the silent treatment going. lol.

  15. oh gosh, my Xandria did the same and I almost gone mad because of her crying/whining for no reason. Will try your way and see how...

  16. it works for Ching Ern too. Silent really make her nervous!

  17. I did this way long ago...let him cry till he stop then it is actually nothing behind of what he crying i don't always answer his cry...I did tried to find out what he want..sometimes just being manja-manja...n he did took that as advantage, think that cry can get everything he wants. since i ignore for many better already..let him calm down first then ask him say properly what he wants.

    He is sooo cute la...I burst in laugh when he said "mami i finished crying"...hahaha..still got the mood to inform you that he is done.

  18. so cute!!! jayden just want your attn

  19. wa.. I also must try this treatment..

    But mine.. I bochap her.. she'll go and stick to the maid lo (until the maid also bochap her).