Monday, October 12, 2009

Your Cholesterol is Nice

I prepared this dish for mooncake festival the other day.

Coleslaw and potato salad.

Too much of carrots make yr coleslaw becomes orange. So anyway my niece told me "Mai-Mai.. your Cholesterol is nice" while she was happily eating.

I said "what Cholesterol?"

"Neh the one u make ah.. this one.." she said while pointing to the coleslaw.

"U mean my Coleslaw????"

"Oh *smile sheepishly* yeah yeah coleslaw! hehe" she said.

And I thought how come she said my Cholesterol is nice.*Pengsan* I thought she said that I'm fat!

This bring me back to the time when I went for my driving exam in Shah Alam. While I was walking towards my car for the parking test, the 2 officers yelled "Ah Moi.. Parking lot no2 ok? ... Ah Moi.. U Manyak Kolesterol la!".

Wtf... i didn't say anything and completed my exam. Anyway I was about 57-58kgs?? kgs (and i am 5ft 1in) that time so I was chubby and of course my arse was big like hell. That's why they said I have manyak kolesterol.

So when she said that cholesterol is nice.. I really thought she said that I'm fat!

Phew! Rupa-rupanya coleslaw..


  1. Sasha.. one fact though... those with high cholesterol is not necessary fat or chubby...thin people also can get high cholesterol.. ever wonder why? i m still wondering.. :) maybe the 2 officers commented u were using too much petrol? or klosterol? :)

  2. this reminds me of the malay movie, "Cinta Kolestrol" the girl (Ezra Fazira) was soooo fat!

  3. Sometimes i just feel, we are being too carried away by this word " cholesterol", if we do everything in moderation, then sometimes hantam a bit of high cholesterol foods wont kill.

    The reaso we get too sick now, in my opinion, we can too lazy and too stressed out already. We dont really exercise now, we dont know how to free our body and our mind now, we thought we can be happier if we could have more money, but then agian,,,,,,,,,

    hey first time here, so it is only nice to leave a comment or two before i leave, take care now and have a good week ahead


    what sounds like kolesterol? hmm..they can't be talking about that!

  5. Reanaclaire: yeah yeah my aunt is stick thin and vegetarian.. sikit oil also dun eat but high colesterol. Nolah the 2 gusy were teasing me la.. they dun wanna say i am fat so use kolesterol la. very bodoh wan

    Miche: Ah u watched that ar.. I belum tengok

    Eugene: hi. yeah la.. everything shud be in moderate amt. to me i eat everything, in moderate amount.

    Mott: haha no no she got mixed up with coleslaw and kolesterol. hahah

  6. etceteramommy6:42 PM

    'kum ngam keh' (coincidence) I'm also 57-58kg now. Gained 3kg 2 months in a row. Jialat.

  7. Hahaha.. honestly when I read she said:" Your cholesterol is nice>>>" I thought she was praising you.. not fat, it's just nice :P

  8. Hahaha...I tot your son can tell ppl's cholesterol level without blood test. :)

  9. so rude of those officers!! and ya lor, the 'cholesterol' is nice la... yummy yummy!

  10. heheheheheheeheheh...

  11. Hi Sasha,

    Those two little snippets are funny! :-D

    Good job for maintaining so many blogs... your two little boys are cuties!

  12. Haha....initially I tho what you mean by your I know..word is so easy being misinterpreted

  13. kekeke that's funny! Can I have your recipe for your cholesterol and potato salad plse??

  14. You manyak kolestrol last time? But now manyak sikit kolestrol after 2 kids? Haha!

  15. sasha, u r nowhere near fat ler!! u r in fact a hot mama!!!

  16. u were once ...fat..??? how come i find that so hard to believe?! ure so tiny!

  17. LOL!!!! this is so funny!!!

    But hor, your cholesterol look yummy yummy!!!

  18. Whichever one she meant, cholesterol or coleslaw, ur niece still complimented u. ;)

  19. jacss2:37 PM

    hahaha...that 2 "malai kung" damn "hak yan chang" lor :D
    cholesterol i hv a lot :(