Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yes, I'm very free wan....

Few years ago when I first got married, I asked my friend who was a SAHM " What do you actually do at home?" And she replied me " I do nothing". And now, I wish to slap myself for asking that question. 


For the past week, I have been getting msgs in my Facebook.

Are you a housewife?

Are you working?

I wanted to answer them. although i am not a housewife, but then doesn't mean that housewives are very "free". Right SAHMS?

Just because I posted picture of my sewings. Normally I'll sew on weekends. I do my own hobby on weekend also considered I am "very free" ?

Yesterday I posted picture of my kids. Normally I'll snap picture of my kids on weekends too. I take my kids picture on weekend also considered I'm "very free"? 

Today I posted my cooking picture. Normally I cook almost everyday. (do i have a choice?)

Pork with marmite sauce + Lychee + Green Capsicum

Wait till they see my vege pics. REAL VEGE and not Farm Town vege. I bet they say I'm siu lai lai, shake leg at home. 

When I told them I work at home, they say "Wah your work must be very free and easy". They don't know I sit here from 8.30 am till 8.30 pm. "Come come.. *pat chair* have a seat la" I wish to tell them.

No one will know the planning you need to do to make everything go in place. Just like yesterday after picking Jayden up from sch, I dropped by to the market that is half way closing to buy some vege, and drop by the pork shop to buy some pork and drive further down to buy a can of lychee. Then drove to the petrol station to do some banking and then to the post office to send something. Back home, chop chop, marinade, and eat lunch while looking at the screen. Then about 6 pm, went down Piling-Palang cooked the dishes and bathed and then only can spend some time to look at the tv and my kids.

And then hor.. some people will think that you're doing nothing in front of the pc/mac wan you know....... They thought all you do is play games. I gotto sit here and design, and when I'm out of idea I do my own things:
  • Surf Websites to check out the designs
  • Edit My Pictures- neh the one I took on weekends. Oh yeah I need to shoot my products too and crop it out. 
  • Go downstairs and cook something
  • Walk over to give my kiddos a hug and kiss

They think designing  is so damn easy wan. Sit there and *TING* the ideas come pouring in.

And the endless projects that comes in every damn day.... *sigh* and that tiny pay you get cos you sacrificed to work at home so you can monitor the maid and kids. And you wanna buy one damn phone also you gotto think 100X times cos your pay is so damn little but you cannot stop working wor. Gotto have some own savings right? Who knows what is going to happen in the future? (err for me only la....ok?)


Who knows??? you tell me...who knows... and when you wanna go out jalan jalan you don't even have a nice baju to wear, all is old old clothes.(sampai i don't even know what baju to wear if i die???) You cannot even go shop while no one bising at the back asking you to "hurry up" " Why so long wan???? the kids cry edi la!!!"

Okay.... off side abit i know. hahahahhaah damn!  Too damn frust edi.

So I think next time if people asked me "wah you so free wan ah.." maybe I should just say " yeah I am damn free wan. Whole day I sit here and shake leg :)" eh  they could be saying that I can juggle my work and own leisure very well also hor?

Anyway.. I can only thank god I'm hyperactive to keep up with everything. Otherwise, I'll go cuckoo edi. 

p/s: And yes thank god got online shop now.


  1. can cook extra for dinner ar? I cater from you hi hi....

  2. LOL ....... u funny lady ....
    Yah ....for me u r superb mum edi perhaps very very multitasking .. must teach me how .. maybe some people doesnt know that MUMS is usually very busy until spinning the head ... they dont see it la ...
    But u make a life for urself, a life u wanna to be ... like the one said (NEVER GET SO BUSY MAKING A LIVING THAT YOU FORGET TO MAKE A LIFE)...
    cheers.... and hug to you !!

  3. U r very good already..can multi-task and PLAN ahead...

    for me, i die standing up!!!!

  4. i'm not hyperactive like you. no wonder i stress up easily when things go out of control. you are one superb mom you know, i don't even have time blog for income like before let alone working from home!

  5. who is to question what you do and not do ??? you are who you are, you live how you live, you do what you need to do, your life mah.... sorry, I cheonghei a bit..

  6. whahaha...feel so shiok reading yours post Sasha!!!! I kena many time already about this"very free" issue!!! some people just too"free" to busybody on our SAHM life and always think we are very FREE!

    Keep up Sasha! CheersSs...

    by the way, do you still need any seashell? let's me know ^.*

  7. It's the way you make everything look so easy, u SUPERMUM. It's a compliment!

  8. Housewifing is not a nice job.. being a home manageress handles almost everything.. i dont like that job..i prefer to sit in the office and get "stressed" out with my colleagues.. but then one thing good about sahm, u dont need to see a boss's face whereas i do!

  9. why did shireen gulp? scared ah? hahahahahhahhahahahhahhahh

  10. ya mah. no meh?

    I sleep 4 hours, too much!..that's why u got no time. If you don't sleep..sure got time la! Magic!!

    Just..dun forget to pangsai. That one must make time. Hee hee hee

  11. Piling-palang? Hahahahaha!!!! Sayang....sayang.....they just don't have a clue.

  12. ah, now i know u so free one! :p

    seriously, whether ur SAHM or WAHM, the fact that you're with kids at home, it's no joke okay!

    whenever i come across ppl who say they want a change in life, i'll them to get married and have kids. that will keep them shut! lol.

    i respect u alot as u can achieve and finish so many things in one day in what i'll probably take weeks, months, heck even years to finish. :)

  13. etceteramommy11:04 PM

    Nvm la.. I think they jeles. SAHM very free ma.

    Psst.. but then, there are some who are really free.. can go shopping all day *not me though* :(

  14. muahahha.. not just you la.. me also kana that day when a friend put in my FB status.. saying she wonder how come a mother with a baby can still do so many thing and she need 48 hours wor.... so, I just keep quiet and take it as complements lor.. so, be proud of SAHM and WFHM!!

  15. I got these 'free' issues, not from friends, but from Terry. He thinks I am so free at home, taking care of the kids. U know, I only have some me me time when they are sleeping at night. Even that, the me me is getting shorted because the little boss wakes up very often.

  16. i do understand that being a SAHM is never easy or relax. sometimes, when i have to babysit the boys for 1/2 day, i also feel very tired and restless. imagine SAHM got no rest day... prob some rest hour???

  17. Well said!!!
    When I tell ppl I wfh, I get the same response which irritates me to the core. But I gave up long time edi trying to explain myself. *sigh*

  18. oi Barb, who said I am sked!! **looks left, looks right**

  19. aiyaya...ppl can say what they like but most importantly you know who you are. you're multi-talented, ppl just jealous leh :p

  20. no wonder u so free lah... like this pula the story hehehehe

  21. I salute you dear sasha. Can juggle so many things within your limited time & capabilities. If me, I dont think I can do half of what you do. Dont worry what they say. Its your life. If they like, they read lor. if they jealous, also they read lor .. hahaha.

  22. i never tot u very free la. i think u got a lot to do la..sumore got so many mouths to feed, have to jaga their peruts, their emos , the house, the dogs, then sumore have a maid to headache...aiyoyo..

  23. some people just jeles of you, because you juggle your work and your family so well, you are too superb till people think you're so so free, can do so many things!!

  24. working from home is tougher than working in the office, coz you are like stuck whole day on the pc, unlike going to office, clock in clock out and certain hours. Work from home, no day no night.

  25. Being a mum is not easy these days la.. work la.. must make sure everybody is fed la.. etc.

    But one question.. you don't do marketting weekly? I do mine weekly, so no need to kelam kabut lo on weekdays.

  26. DyiShan12:55 AM

    Hey sasha your're a great mum. Please don't put it in your heart what other people say about you, at least you know what you are doing. Some people just too free to make brainless comment.

    A housewife which is NOW known as homemaker is not a easy job. Houseworks, childcare, marketing, cooking... sigh the list goes on and on. Tough man.

    Me salute you taking care of 2 boys, maid, work and the whole household. Me taking care of 1 boy, i am screaming for help plus many many hair lost.

    Cheer up my friend. One day, we just put everything down and be "tai tai" for a day!

  27. That pork dish with lycees look yummy! Very unique too! What type of pork did you use?