Saturday, October 24, 2009

Her Own Law lor..

The rule in a bakery:You go in. Take the tray and the bread clamp. Choose what you wanna buy. And queue up, pay and get lost. Right?

I always thought that's the law. But I was so wrong.

This morning after class, Jayden and I was at the tiny bakery in Centrepoint. So we got in, took the tray and the clamp and chose what we wanted. The lady before us was with her son and was also choosing. So they're choosing between left bread and right bread that looked perfectly similar to me, I moved on and went to queue. Takkan I stand there and wait for her to choose which bread she wanted right?

Then someone tapped my shoulder.

"I was before you" she said.

It was the "confused" lady just now.

And I went "huh?".

She walked straight to the counter, passed another lady before me and stood there with her tray.

The man behind me looked so confused 'cos he came in before her! If she said she come in before me then she got the right to go before me, then he should go in front of her, right? Wrong according to her.

So we all just stood and looked at the lady paying for her food. And at the counter, she went undecisive again. Don't know wanna pay for only ONE curry puff or TWO. 

I felt like saying "niamah, just freaking pay for the god damn karipap and leave la. It's just between paying extra rm1.20 only what". But of course  I didn't. We're educated people ma. Not like some people. Say in the heart nehmind.. cos no need to pay money wan :P

Finally she made up her mind and bought 2 karipaps. I hope she enjoy her karipap and doesn't choke on it. I know, I am damn evil.

So it doesn't matter, who came before her, she only know who came right after her and she got the right to move on to any spot at the queue. Who's law? Her own law lor...


  1. she will be damn busy in the hypermarket if she keep eyeing who come 'right' after her! muahaha..

  2. like that also can ah... from the scenery i deduce that this lady must be the lor lor saw saw type and also the par char ah soe... (*oh, i lagi mean hor)

  3. This type of people gong tou dou sai hao sui la... Just keep quiet and let her live her law lor... And then biar when she choke on her karipap... I lagi lagi mean...muahahaha

  4. holy she is the law huh wat kind of bitch is that .

  5. yerrr.. she crazy one! This type of people deserve to walk into a door!

  6. And you didn't tell her off somemore? :)

  7. very the sampat lady man. cis. geram nyer!

  8. Hehe.. I would usually keep quite too. But I've told someone off for cutting queue (coz i wasn't in a good mood), end up she dowan to buy! Muahaha...

  9. this is funny! i will be as pissed like you! worst thing, she tells you off??? such a weirdo!

  10. I'll be having same reaction like yours. Really a 'niamah bitch'...

  11. ado..i hv this problem at the swim class changing/shower room. it's one line queue system. got 3 open showers.

    but this lady will die die stand in front of the middle shower (becoz everyone else just line up at the 1st shower and wait for whoever finish). I keep telling her... ONE LINE ONE LINE..but she can stare kok at me, and say, I WAS HERE FIRST! Even tho, there is this cute lil 4 year old girl, shivering, rightfully waiting for her turn.

    AITELU! Everytime I see her...I give her STAREKOK EYES!

  12. Hmm... she dunno our "common" law coz maybe she's a visitor... from Mars. *roll eyes*

  13. I read the post and felt like giving her my farked up face. I would actually tell her to f** off. Sorry hor...I won't keep quiet one. There is no rule or as to say you are first. Whoever finishes choosing the goods, just queue and pay. Period. So if she walks in the bakery first and spends 2 hours looking at bread, and I walk in and pick up a bread and pay which is probably 30 secs max..she is going to say she is first..? `sticking up third finger'......who cares..worse scenario we have a bread and cream war......I spot the cheese cake around the corner....