Monday, October 12, 2009


I was browsing through my facebook the other day and saw Julian posted some funny videos so I decided to have a look at it while waiting for my design to load.

I laughed when I saw the innocent grandma's facial expression while her naughty grandson played a trick on her , teaching her english but he was actually teaching her how to swear.

So as I was watching and laughing away, Jayden bounced into my working room and heard the woman said "mudderfarker!".

Of course, I didn't manage to close it fast enought and Jayden said MAMABUMPKER!!!!!!

Aiyohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was hoping that he will forget about it.

Mana tau yesterday morning he woke up and said MAMABUMPKER!!!

*sigh* no way I can get it out from him cos.... he is always checking on his train's bumper and and asking me to touch-up and colour the bumpers black with the marker.

geddit? mamaBUMPKER... BUMPER??it rhymes.. so no way he can ever forget mamabumpker.


  1. whoisbaby1:52 PM

    that video really funny! the grandma so sporting, follow the grandson say only ... somemore can say until pretty good.

  2. 0_o

    Dim sau foh? Gotta learn from you for future use :)

  3. hahahahah! just dont react to it..and then he will forget about it.

  4. Damn kao siew this clip, I watched they are in the stage of picking up our conversation, better watch out on what we talk within adults too.

    Last time my neighbor's small boy at age 4-5 can say dirty word, coz he always follow the dad go everywhere and this dad's kaki are all 'rough' man speaks very bad.

  5. don't try to get him to forget. don't even think abt it. The more you try, the more they remember . LOL !

  6. I hope he doesn't go round shouting it out at the malls the way the grandma did hor. If he does hor, I won't come up to say hello. Hahaha.

  7. Told you already cannot erase from their head one! hahahah now how?

  8. hoe choy he used the word bumper ..phew...... now grandma will have to be more cautious.. :)

  9. walauweh .... dangerous man!

  10. jacss2:53 PM

    my god, can't help laughing my ass off over this video for a good 3 mins....adoi !!!