Monday, July 13, 2009


My Jayden likes to talk like this:

Eat. Don't want.

Sleep. Don't want.

Do This. Don't want.

Do That. Don't want.

We always try and correct him. He will say it correctly after we have corrected him but then he'll start all over again.

So that day I went to "Tidak Halal" section in Tesco...

Cashier: Tesco card maam?

Me: Tesco card........ Don't have.

Cashier: O_o

Me: Oh don't have card.. haha sorry

She was expecting me to pass her the card when I said "Tesco card". Then I ended it with Don't have. Haha like I did it on purpose to kacau her. I walked out and I wanted to laugh cos I am trying to correct Jayden but I ended up speaking like him. You get what I mean? haha


Last night in my dad's house:

Me: Jayden, later I want you to sit down and eat your dinner properly okay? Do you understand or not?

Jayden: Understand.....don't want.

Me: O_o *char dou*


  1. this post... dont want

  2. wuahahah...really 'char dou'!!!

  3. hahaha... like mother like son. Jayden is one fun boy, just like u.

  4. i think he is smart ler...he understand what you say but doesn't mean he will do it mar...haha!!

  5. as said... JD is after the mummy! muahaha... fun boy! and always "char" him mummy... :)

  6. yeah, i think he is one smart boy!! *lol*

    he understand wor but....don't want only mar.

  7. btw, love your banner!

  8. jayden is probably teasing u by purposely saying it - knowing u hate to hear it *haha*

  9. haha..u kena back from him LOL

  10. lol...know u know where he learned to talk like dat. :P

  11. so cute la Jayden...he is one smartie!

  12. U wanna correct him but mana tau, his influence is bigger. :D