Tuesday, July 07, 2009

His many first time in a day

Justin: poh poh....
Me: Ma, he's calling you la.
Mum: YA MEH? *disbelief*
Me: Yeahlah.. You didn't hear him call you?
Mum: No ak.
Me: *sigh*
.........few minutes later
Justin: POH POH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mum: OIIII!!!!!!! * smile from ear to ear*

and that was his first time calling poh poh.


It was his first time, drinking from straw. It was our first attempt. Jayden's first time drinking from straw was when he was 11 months 12 days old.

It was also his first time, crawling up the stairs from ground floor to first floor all by himself. Normally he would crawl abit then cry and ask me to carry him.

2 days before that, he learnt how to get down from the steps.


He did the "fish" action using his hands. Probably he saw Jayden doing it in his Gymnastic class. Last night, he did it and we're surprised. So I flipped out my handphone and asked him to do it again. When you're recording, he won't do it. Once you stop recording, he's doing ot non stop. So here's a video of my voice, keep asking him to do it and he's looking left and right, and suddenly Jayden came and asked me to do CRAB action pulak. hahaha but he tried to do it twice, but very very short time only. Shy being recorded? I have no idea.

Ha... this guy is growing pretty fast. So scarry yet so happy. I must be crazy. Or maybe you can say I syiok sendiri...again!


  1. wahhhhh..so syiok! Now he drink anydrink with straws!!!

    I bet Poh-poh's heart melted when JD called her... hahahahahahah

  2. aiyohh...i also not believe le. Justin really a fast learner lor....

  3. syiok sendiri pun syiok sendiri la, who cares?! eh ur mom lagi syiok, smiling ear to ear :D

  4. oh.....your mum must be like "awwwwww...." and literally melt inside!

    hahaha....good to make them happy huh!