Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chik Chiak Chik Chiak


My most fav shot:
You know why?

It's so hard to get a pic of him from the front and smiling.
Good to see him smile and enjoyed himself.
Maybe he had too much 100Plus or maybe he saw what he wanted to see.


Yeah he wanted to see a cow. Been waking me up a few times in the middle of the night:

Jayden: mami Mami can you please bring me go see cow?

Me: uh? okok .. when we wake up first okay?

Jayden: Okay .. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Guess what he say now?

Jayden: Mami Mami Can we go to the zoo?



  1. JD is smart.. seeing animals in Zoo will be more variety than waiting for mummy to bring him see cow... JD can really put smiles on your face ya.. .:)

  2. hey, the zoo looks fun eh ? How are the facilities ? Any place to makan for kids ? I like your animated photos of the monkey ! Cute !

  3. Kids sure love to see animals. We plan our zoo visit on our birthdays(Hubby and me share same BD) coz entry is free on your birthday..hehe.

  4. wah the zoo visit looks fun

  5. I just so in love with your both kids there are so cute xxx

    every picture so lovely :)

  6. oh...we were planning to go this weekend!!! :)

    Glad you all had fun....and close up enough with the animals!

  7. i love all the pics actually. so warmth and family.

  8. i can totally understand how diff to snap a good picture of the elder one. Same for Ern!!!

  9. hey the little boy in thomas suit was having so much fun ehh...he looked very happy :)P

  10. both the kids enjoy themselves...
    you took a lot of nice photos....

  11. yes yes yes.. very nice photos and kids just love animals.. Both your lil J seem having a great time with that happy smile .... simple nice. & u still carry Jayden with the sling hor ??? wow ......

  12. all the kids like to go to the zoo. My girl too. She has been pestering us to bring her to the zoo. I guess we will do it when the weather is nice.

  13. it looks like a great outing...

  14. So the zoo worth going or not?? The animals well kept?

  15. Yours like 100 plus eh? Mine drinks ribena looking like drug addict like dat, after finish, still overturn and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze the plastic wrapper to get everything out.

  16. Thanks for the update of Zoo Negara. I have not been there for a long long long long time.

  17. the zoo looks good, but when my sis went abt 2 mths ago, she was complaining the zoo was poorly maintained??? not worth going???

    all ur pics very nice!! how i wish i can take such nice pics like u

  18. Looks like a fun family outing. I never bring my sons to Zoo before, except safari at A'Famosa.

    Love the picture of u and the two J.

  19. I thot animals in Zoo Negara r pretty pathetic? Somehow the zoo looks quite good from ur pics. :) Great shots!

  20. cynthia: cos he knows in the zoo got lots more to see besides his cow. haha

    elaine: got this place that looks like KFc, fried chicken with rice porridge but exp la. They have stalls selling cron, waffle and all.

    Mummy Gwen: Smart!

    Jazz: yeah good enuff to cheer the kids.

    Pearly: Thanks! I love yr kids too.

    Ann: Oh go earlier and enjoy!

    Lisa: :) thanks.

    kk & ws: Oh yeah!!

    Jaccs: Yeah.I'm glad he enjoyed it.

    chanel: thanks :)

    Anggie: haha yeah still can but after that senget.

    MK: yeah they love zoo altho its very smelly hahha

    Debbbie Y : Yeap it is

    Bryan and Brandon's Mama : Its okay la. my expectation weren't very high. anyway its more for the kids plus i am not focusing on the animals. haha

    mumsgather: mine used to be ribena addict and then i stopped him.

    michelle : Welcome :)

    2ma : cannot compare with the nicer zoo lor. I was focusing on photoshooting and the kids had fun. so its alright.

    Annie Q : Oh prob one day u shud bring them.

    slavemom: its okay la.. depends on how u see thing. Trying to look at the beautiful side of everything. Thanks!

  21. etceteramommy1:11 PM

    Actually zoo is a very educational place for kids. I hope they will do more to maintain the place.

    Nice shots there! I also like the one of Jayden smiling. You could tell he was really having a swell time there. :D

  22. so, zoo got see chi chiak or not?? hehe....

  23. Jayden looks cool man...very nice pics!

  24. ekkkk.... time to go to the zoooooo!

  25. sasha i think your pics are great!! dunno why u think your camera is crap. what laa you. ohh i love that picture of jayden too! he looks so grown-up yeah!

  26. It's been a long long time since I went to the Zoo with little cuties. :P

  27. Can borrow your boys? :D

    I bet you jump at the chance. haha....

  28. Shern has been asking us to bring him to the zoo for ages, but we malas la, telling him the zoo here stinks and smells of shit. So mean horr..

    But nevertheless, I promised him a trip to Singapore zoo, very clean and more tigers there wan. Kakakaaa..

  29. Same goes for Jona...once I bring him go to Zoo once, every year or to be precise, every school holiday, he want go ZOO....I think I should get him forever pass/card to zoo...hehe

  30. Wakakaka, I purposely scan thru your collage to make sure that family photo is in there. lol

  31. Noticed you can still sling Jayden. How cute that he still wanna sit in a sling!