Monday, July 06, 2009

What kind of mother is that?

I was at the market thing morning having my breakfast with my mom, kids (yeah Jayden skipped sch . hehe actually the mother is so lazy to send him to sch cos he woke up late) and my maid.

Justin was with my mum, she took him to buy some veges. My maid was having her breakfast, while I was digging for money to pay the Chicken rice fella. Jayden? he was running around around us and he sat on the floor. He must be playing ring-around-the-rosie maybe and he did the all fall down part. Of course it was dirty but kids (or I can say JAYDEN only) doesn't get it how come he can do it at home and not in the market. Immediately I said "Jayden, get up!" with a very calm voice.

Then later I overheard the Kueh Teow woman laughing LOUDLY saying "Aiyoh already sat down on the floor, then what can she do?".

Then the kueh teow woman came and told Jayden "The floor very dirty o.. don't sit on the floor next time ah..." Then she mumbled something "Aiyah I told her he already sat on the floor mah.. what can you do, right?" I didn't get what she said so I said "meh si ah?" (what happened?) "Neh that ricken rice couple la.. said what kind of mother is that (talking about me). They said you let your son sit on the floor although its dirty. And never scold or whack him."

I just said "Oh........." and continued to eat my breakfast.

Then Jayden said he wanted to poo. So I started to dig for 20cents so that my maid can bring him to the toilet. I think he couldn't hold his poo so he started to run! I shouted "NING! Catch Jayden!" and then only my princess maid started running after Jayden and brought him to the toilet.

The couple then ngingingamngam again. And I looked at the kueh teow woman and she said " they say don't hit your son wan hor?"

I just smiled and said "you want to see me hit my son ka?"

While I was driving back just now, I thought to myself.
Hit= wrong
Don't hit= wrong + give too much face to the kid
Scold loud = malu + wrong
Don't scold = wrong + give too much face to the kid
Scold soft soft= wrong ( to those people that cannot hear properly)
Reason= also wrong ( so small where can understand wan? Whack only!)

So what to do?

la la la.....whatever la.People just like to talk, can't stop them right?


  1. sometimes I also cannot be bothered. I dun wanna be like a mad woman scolding and shouting all the time.
    Dun bother abt other ppl. Do what you like.. Chui Meh ??

  2. jacss2:14 PM

    haiyo...susah on you heh?? but than no need to bother abt those aunty in the market la. it really depends how much u can tolerate, if u can 'tahan' not to whack, then ok lar! but short temper like me sure whack edi, LOL!!

  3. Yayaya.....people like to talk. So just do what you want to do and whatever feels right to you. Everyone is different and we should all learn to respect other people rather than impose. People who like to talk basically have nothing else better to do.

  4. As for me, i still dun like to whack and sound in crowned place, sometime beh tahan also i whack the hand but not shout la ..... dunt bother what people say, we know what we are doing !!!

  5. Whack in public very nice ah? Why so kaypoh want leh these people? :P
    BTW, talking about sitting on the floor hoh, last time, when we had dinner in a fancy restaurant, the angmoh couple had romantic dinner by themselves and their daughter, about my boy's age, just sat on the floor, under the table almost the whole night the parents were eating. The girl summore put her Crocs on her head. LOL! Those silai will surely say something if they see it. LOL!

  6. if people longing to see me teaching my kids, scolding or whacking my kids in public, sorry la.. i lagi tak mau .. i will tahan first.. like u, speak calmly first then wait till go home.. but i m sure when we reach home, the incident almost forgotten, what does a small toddler remember? reading your post, u r more worked up with the couple than your own kid.. hahaha..

  7. i cant be bothered these days....
    whatever ppl want to say, let them say.

    oh course, u r a very kind n talented mom..sasha.. :) I back u..

  8. I ji chi you! no point making a drama for ppl to watch ma... biar la... like Elaine say, chui meh? muahaha...

  9. cannot close ppl's mouth...
    Learn to ignore....


    I baru shouted No.1's name LOUD LOUD THREE TIMES in a busy shopping mall..and everyone turned around and stared at me...

    I got no more face ler..I don't care. He was running off the opposite direction..going I don't know where! Like headless chicken!

  11. ya lor, let them be la!

  12. I like your attitude...people will always talk no matter what you do. Best to leave these sticky beaks to their own business.

  13. Let them be...they just want some entertainment. I think the makan place lack of television? hehe..
    let them be, dun bother!

  14. aiya, market si lai nothing to usual kepoh LOL.

  15. i soooo love the way you smile sweetly and say 'you wanna see me hit my son ka?'

    nothing we do is ever good enough la kan? kaypoh ppl will always be kaypoh

  16. they not your mother, so why bother. let them do till chicken come home lor. you don't even know them.

    mine jus now in jusco, lepas washed hand, wanna keep continue washing hand, till i threaten to walk away, and i did, pulak she sit down on the floor and cry. all eyes on me, i jus stay cool & i din even shout or whack, surprisingly! haha! then i walked away, daddy came took over. my face damn thick skin sial! hahahahaha!

  17. *slap*slap*slap* big-mouthed stupidos.

    1. you punya pasal laaa.. your kid, not theirs!!

    2. handling one active kid is never easy, and u handled two kids and a princess maid too! super-woman you!

  18. I don't actually understand the whole story but aiyo woman, don't carelah what people say! We can never please them all. :P

  19. should ask the couple to join the Social Welfare Department.

    They are understaffed and need nosey parkers like them to visit Malaysian homes suspected of child abuse and neglect.

    So sibuk're so patient LOL I would have glared at them (or recommended them the SWD)!

  20. What ever happen, I tried prevent myself from hitting my girl in public places. Scolding/reprimand is fine, but not hitting.....

    Some people. They better mind their own business, right?

  21. etceteramommy10:40 PM

    Parenting is so tough.. everything about the kid is parent's fault. But cannot blame them.. I sometimes pass remarks (quietly tho) on others also esp on incidents that I 'thai mm kor ngan'; and i'm not talking about screaming at your kids; I really do mean those parents who chose to punish their misbehaved kids PHYSICALLY in public (slap and hit).

    Just when I thought we're in a civilised world, trust me. I've seen that. Very sad. I mean, I dont want to judge the parents, maybe the poor kid had committed some serious 'crime' but it saddens me wondering what harsher punishment the kid will get in private. I cannot tahan. :(

    Haiz...anyway they say 'kar chau pat chut ngoi chuen' (don't wash your dirty linens in public).. I totally stand by that. So I think whay you did is right. I will do the same.

    .... sorry.. so long winded comment.

  22. d aunty so free ah? no business ka?? haha

  23. this is what you call ppl who do not understand the meaning of being a parent. they may judge others now....but wait la...till they are judged by others :P

  24. Go in one ear, out the other, that is my motto.

  25. Say tak apa it just a small matter see thats what I do dto my child I never scold or spank him just tell him jokes and tickle him ma.... My wife who is a also a very very not so stricjk person will just tickle and laugh and joke and move on andfooget about the whole incident