Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let's Go Makan BellyGood

Its been a while since I have posted about the places we went for makan-makan session. In fact we hardly go anywhere fancy or nice since the arrival of Justin and worst after the maid. Why eh? Cos it's pretty hard to have a nice decent meal with 2 kiddos constantly standing up on the baby chair. All you want to do is get stuffed, burp and go home. So last Saturday I told Big C, I think we should go for a nice dinner in this place called Bellygood. Seen a few reviews about it and since I have a coupon to get another dish for free, why not eh?

Parking is a problem here cos there are a few steamboat houses around this area so be prepared to walk abit!

We ordered the Mixed platter @ Rm23.90

and also the pulled pork burger @ rm12.90

and we got this for FREE - Grilled Herb Chicken

Not bad eh?

The kids already had their dinner at home. So we ordered only 3 dishes but the kids had their share too. Jayden only wants 100plus and fries and Justin eat just about anything and everything! he is like THE eating machine!

I enjoyed it too.It was one of the ribs that Justin didn't hijacked.

So how was it? The mix platter ribs was very soft and juicy. The chicken taste good but I'll forgo the pork burger. I find it smells funny but Big C said its okay.

The pics sucks, I know. Cos I used my Olympus digital camera instead of my dslr. But then if I were to use my dslr, no way I can eat properly and take pic at the same time. So its either pic-that-sucks or no picture.

So how did we get the free dish? I got it from the advert booklets that I normally throw away. Luckily I flipped and saw the coupon. Hehe They said that photostated coupons are accepted too. Maybe printed coupon from blog can be used too? Try and see? Maybe can?

With this coupon, the bill was Rm55.55 ngam ngam including GoV tax of 10% and Service charge. Imagine If we don't have the coupon... it could be *tit tit press calculator* no idea how much.

While I was getting out from the place, I noticed that there was a message written on the board about 48 hours early reservation entitle you to *something something* Don't know what la. Already eaten still wanna see meh! But for you guys that wanna go to this shop, better make reservation. Who knows you will get free desserts? You can even check the price (budget budget your meal) and also the map here.


  1. Same same here. Hardly eat out since I got my bryan. Not only he wants to stand on the baby chair, my brat wants to get down and run all over and run outside and inside .. i hate it chasing after him when its meal time. so we just stay home. blood pressure lower that way.

  2. Wow, so much good food and so cheap! Where is this place? I want to go too.

  3. oh my...the cheeky one eats ribs? hahahahahahahaha

  4. Bellygood.. lol.. what a cute name! i tot initially your kid gave that name .. now come to think of it, belly good means good for belly or belly feels good after eating?? wth, what am i talking!

  5. Look at ur little one eating the ribs really makes me laugh! so cute!~

  6. i have been to this place once, but it was a different name then. guess its time for a re-visit. more often, i will be at the steamboat restaurant next door with my friends after work *hehe*

  7. heard this place before, but never been there. Look big portion and reasonable price.

    Your Justin can really "sapu" everything ya. ;)

  8. adrianlee2:03 PM

    This place is the best! Ok maybe not the best but still bellygood.

    Justin eats like a man!

  9. hi sasha, thanks for popping over..i really love the food...my saliva is drooling now :)

  10. the way you and little justin gobbled up the ribs make it look delicious.

    they should give you free dessert for that :)

  11. I tot Jayden named the restaurant..hehehe

  12. wah yum yum must go try

  13. looks like a good place to have porky ribs. where is tis place?

  14. Wah! You look so geram over that piece of ribs. Must have taste good.

  15. Justin does look like he's having a good time with the ribs! ;)

  16. The portion looks big and the way you pose in the photo, like very sedap like that. Ha ha ha...pork rib, my favourite too!!!

  17. wah, really sedap, love western food!!!!

  18. Everybody loves to hv an eating machine as their child. ;)
    The food's vy tempting!