Thursday, April 26, 2012

Perfect Sausage Omelette Roll

I was preparing to cook hotdogs for my kids lunch and I thought, how to make it special leh? I've done Nasi pattaya before.
They walloped it. First time ever eating fried rice without complain.Cos Jayden cannot eat rice without soup. He said too dry cannot swallow. But with this smiley egg and with "surprise" inside the egg, can eat. 

So while I was preparing the omelettes, I popped the sausage at the end of the omelette like this. But before that you got to make sure yr sausage is cooked.
Let it cook for abit. So that the sausage is stucked to the omelette.

and then roll it abit with yr spatula.

Roll samo...


A perfect rolled Sausage Omelete Hotdog for my kids.

My Jayden loves it. He said how come he sausage is rolled up with the egg wan? And because of that, He ate 2!  *lol*

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh Boy....

Sent Jayden and Justin to school and then while we're at the assembly hall, Jayden ran to his classmates. Justin, he looked around and then I saw him running towards S with both hands raised up. And then S saw him and she ran towards Justin and held both his hands with single hand, just like this ..

And then, they sat down.

Another boy came and wanted to sit next to Justin.

She pushed him away.

He then sit closer, his legs touched Justins'.

She pushed his leg away. At this point, She is still holding onto both Justins' hands, all the time.

Then the boy wanted to sit next to her, she pushed him away again.

And then she brushed Justin's head, shirt, leg and hand, just like how a mom would check on her kid.

Justin, was smiling all the time with both hands surrendered to her.

Oh Boy..............

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Did You Write?

I used to have this sign on my room door.
For obvious reason. Cos they kept bringing toys to my room and they flood it with toys!
On my bed.
Under my pillow.
Under my blanket.
On the floor!

So I got angry and wrote the note and stick it on my door. So everytime they wanna go into my room, they will come across this sign and then think twice before invading my room. I told them, whatever toys I see in my room, it's gonna end up in the dustbin.

Okay. it didn't work 100%. But at least 50%.

Then because of some visitors, i got to remove the sign. Cos not nice ma right.. people come to our house and we put signs like this :P

Then that day, I scolded Jayden because he was playing with his ipad and didn't hear me calling him. So I said "You ah! NO MORE PLAYING IPAD!" So JD sob sob cry cry, drama la.

Then Justin just sat there and witnessed the whole drama and he began to stick stickers on the pillar.
Big C saw him doing that and asked him "titi, what are you doing?"

He replied "I'm writing something (with stickers)".

And Big C asked "oh so what did you write?".



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Can you come....

Justin argued with me. So I said..

Me: okay fine. I'm not talking to you.

JT: okay fine! I'll talk to dadi.

Dadi: No. if mami don't wanna talk to you, then I also dun wanna talk to you.

JT: *sob* nobody wanna talk to me....*sob sob sob* pls.. talk to me?

Me: nope. Cos u're naughty. So I'm not gonna talk to you.

JT: *sob louder* but.. nobody talk to me anymore...

Me: If you're naughty, then no one will talk to you

JT: Uwa... Uwa.... Uwaaa uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mami.. uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa uwa... *walk out of kitchen*

Me: aik. go out edi.

JT: uwa... Kor kor.. can you please come and listen to me talk? Uwaaa nobody want to listen to me anymore. Kor kor come.... uwaaaaaaaaaaa

JD: *playing ipad* yeah.. u talk la.. u talk..

JT: kor kor.... Uwa.. dadi and mami don't wanna talk to me..

JD: yeah ok! ok! *continue playing ipad*

Thursday, April 12, 2012

No Kissing

So you've heard about S, Justins' self-proclaimed gf. Actually S also acknowledged him as her bf. *pengsan*

Anyway, I was talking to JT in the car while waiting for his dad:

Me: Justin, I tell you first ah.. You go to school, can have friends. But No Kissing. Okay?

JT: But, S kissed me first.

Me: I know. I saw. But then, you don't kiss back okay?

JT: but why she can kiss me but I cannot kiss her back ?

Me: eh cannot.... you know. Her daddy is as big as a bear. Later S go home and tell her daddy that you kissed her, then tomorrow he comes to school and look for you, wanna smack you. How?

JT: oo very big wan ah?

ME: yes... very big like a polar bear like that.

JT: ooo then I don't kiss her.

ME: but....did you kiss her before?

JT: no. I never. Only S kiss my hand. I never kiss her before.

ME: good good.. no kissing okay? Later you gotto yum seng (get married) with her.

JT: *kiss* Now, I kissed you edi. I need to Yum Seng with you *cheeky laugh*

ME: haha Notty boy!

Aiyoh my son is only 3 years old and I am telling him that he cannot kiss girls in sch. Can you believe that?  *smack forehead*

Monday, April 09, 2012

The powerful sweet

FYI, I am a buddhist and my neighbour is a Christian. Sometimes when I'm busy I'll send my kids over and she will babysit them for me. And sometimes she will teach them to pray to, of course Jesus. So this morning I need to attend a meeting and I was supposed to send the kids to sch then attend the meeting. But Justin was coughing really badly and so Big C sent him over to my neighbour's house. When I got home, my neighbour sent him back to me and told me a story and it goes like this:

JT: *cough cough cough*

Neighbour (D): Oh dear. Justin, why don't you pray to Jesus and ask him to take away your cough?

JT: okay. Jesus, please take away my cough.

D: Good. *went to kitchen and took a Vit C sweet for Justin*

JT: Thank You. So, this is Jesus? *holding and looking at the sweet*


My lil dude. So innocent and cute ^^ (for now...) he must be thinking how come this sweet called 'Jesus' is so powerful can take away the cough. haha

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Sasha cooks: Ladybird & Bee Steamed Cupcakes

I have been thinking to make this cupcake ever since I saw it in her blog. So after few days of thinking, I said what the heck, let's do it. So I followed her recipe and got the ingredients ready but I didn't  enough of the red rounded jelly mould (I have 4 only) but I have lots of Egg Tart moulds and I do not have any cupcake paper. I thought nevermind, since it won't work anyway (since I have been failing to bake chiffon cake so many days!)

So I got my Thermomix ready. Throw everything in, sifted the flour and baking powder together and got my colouring and piping bag ready. I didn't dare to take pic of the preparation stage cos my mum used to tell me, if I talk about it, I will jinx it. But I took pic of the steaming process after I saw it rising perfectly. hehe
yeap, I mixed and them steamed in the same machine.

And this was the outcome
Probably my mould is too low or I didn't mix the egg and sugar till fluffy then only add in the flour, so that's why it didn't look like the hers'.
I tried it, and it was quite yummy.
Maybe next round I shall mix the egg and sugar till its fluffy then only add in the rest of the ingredients.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It's not mine

I used to tease JD when he drank milk using milk bottle. He even changed the name of milk-with-Milo to "celebration time". So few days before his 6th birthday, I took his pic while he was drinking his milk. He quickly drop the bottle and said "it's not mine!" haha

But since the day he turned 6, I told him that when people turn 6 years old, they cannot drink with bottle anymore. He hesitated at first, kept asking "why ppl turn 6 years old cannot drink bottle anymore?". But it's been 2 weeks since he started drinking his "celebration time " with cup and he stopped asking only after a few days. I can say it was an easy one probably I prepped him for a very long time before I really made him quit drinking from bottle.

Bye Bottle! Hello Big Guy!