Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Starting A Worm Compost

I went to visit my mum to pass her some BYOB stuff and I casually asked her "Ma, can give me some worms ah?". You see, my mum has this compost garden where she dump all her kitchen craps and cover it with soil. She let the worm do the work. The compost can be used as fertilizer for your plants. And every Monday she would go and harvest some and bring to the workshop, where she takes care of my dad's workshop. There, she will sometimes ask her staff to help her to put the worm on the hook (because she is scared of worms!) and she goes fishing at a nearby river (longkang la...). Anyway when I asked she said "FOR WHAT?" I said I wanna rare worms and she laughed. She tapped the container that she filled it with worms and said "TAKE LAH!". I nearly fainted upon seeing the amount of worms in it.
And she used a stick(cos she is scared of worm mah..) and selected some fat ones for me. *shiver* JT ran and hugged my dad and refused to go into the car after that.*lol* So, I went home and started to search for a container (with proper lid) which I can use as a compost bin in my kitchen. Ah... found a toy box! Sorry boys! Mama's got to play with worms!
I read from tanamsendiri.com about this and so i followed his way. I started shredding newspaper and damp it up, and form them into balls and arrange them like this...

and this is how it looks like when its full, first layer.

Then you began filling up your first layer of dirt/earth/whatever you wanna call it.

I filled it up with 2-3 inches of soil and then add in another layer of newspaper and again another layer of dirt.

And then the worms are added to their new home. Supposedly, you should add in the topsoil (the soil where you found your worms) so that the worms won't get "culture shock". Cos suddenly they are in a new surrounding and doesn't have their smell or something they might go into shock. Don't ask me what happen when they are in shock, i suppose they just die?. But then since it was given to me, try la. what to do right?

There you go worms. Enjoy your new home!

And here's their first food. Yum...Yum.....A well blended banana and apple smoothies.
(rotten banana and half eaten apple *lol) 
(why blend? Worms don't have teeth! So by blending it, it makes them eat easier, faster, and you get your compost faster. That's why)

There, that's what my mum gave me on my birthday.
And I started a worm compost bin on my birthday.*lol* 

P/S: food you should avoid putting into your compost : Orange, Lemon, Lime, Garlic and Onion, Bones, cooked food. 

P/S: since I am putting it in my kitchen, I sprayed the outer layer of the container with OMG insects to prevent ants from going into the container.


  1. wah...long time i have not seen this lo. Used to have a lot of worms at my granny's house

  2. I've heard of worm compose but I didn't do that. I have a compose bin bit I just toss kitchen odds and ends life rotten vegs or the grass clipping etc. I never stir it hence ive not used it and we added more stuff. Im determine to use my compose next year!! Lol is gross inside with all the bugs etc. .

  3. ooooh interesting. we just chop our fruit n vege waste really finely and bury them into the soil surrounding our plants. err.. not bury la exactly but pat pat pat into the soul and cover them up with soil. it seems to help the plants in some way coz even though i dont garden (i just 'maintain' the plants my mum gives me!), my plants are prosperous looking! so if i start a worm compose, and use the compose as fertilizer... i have to shake the worms off first, issit?