Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Of Fish and Fishing

Since he was very very tiny dude, he liked fish. When he started to talk, he started to talk about different kinds of fishes, its name and its kind. My neighbour then taught him "Justin...say FISH.." He said "Puffer Fish, Angler Fish, Dolphin" pointing at book and it shocked my neighbour.

When we go to the bookstore, JD would go to the comic section and this lil boy will look for fishing magazine. And this is him (many months ago) reading a fishing magazine in the bookstore and that puppy eye look is asking me to buy a book for him. Of course I said no. Who else reads about fishing magazine?

And if he come across any fish toy, he'd stand there and not move until someone buy it for him. Usually it's my sister that will surrender and buy for him. And this is his latest toy, a moving fish with annoying music. *pull hair*

So when he overheard that my parents went for fishing last last weekend, he asked me if we can tag along the next time they go again. So off we went to a fish pond in Rawang last sunday.
There's 2 reason to why we went; one is for my kids to spend time with my parents cos they just adore the kids very much. Two: is for my kids to be exposed to outdoor activities rather than just ipad games.
Pic: JT kept asking my mum and dad "why so long? Where's the fish?"

They manage to catch only ONE fish in that one hour. The previous week, my mum manage to catch 40 (yeap...forty) fishes. It poured one hour after we arrived so we packed up and left. Although it's just that one hour, I can see all of them (my parents and my kids) enjoyed themselves, all with their  own reasons. And I'm just happy that everyone is happy :)


  1. i miss fishing with my dad too.. :)

  2. Sasha, it's a great idea to bring the kids out for outdoor activities. Nowadays, the kids miss out a lot of fun out there (even adults!). I'm sure they enjoy it a lot rather than e-fishing through iPad!

  3. I love fishing too, a great way to destress. Never thot of bringing my kids because they may get bored and will be too noisy.
    Where is this pond in Rawang, may just bring the kids there for the weekend.