Friday, November 30, 2012

Building a Christmas Tree with recyclables

This is our first year celebrating Xmas at Byob Subang.

One day, my sis  sent me a visual via mms.

No wonder I saw so many green bottles hidden in a box at BYOB.

So she called me few days ago and asked me to go over and help to set up and decorate the tree.

All items used are recyclables material such as PET bottles, boxes, twines, rafia string, rubberbands, tubes cover and styrofoam packing balls.

We rushed off cos the kids need to attend a class. This is how it looks like when we left.

30mins later my sis MMS me again and she added more stuff to te Xmas tree. Yeah, how can we forget the "recycle" stickers?

I must say "great job" to my sister cos to plan this, it need alot of preparation. The PeT bottles were tied together in a formation so that it's steady and holds perfectly. To string the styrofoam Balls is another task. To collect the bottles and also the rest of the items is also another task. And she did it all by herself. Me? I just come to decorate and take picture! *lol* (halo, busy with kids lah....!)


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