Thursday, November 15, 2012

Building your own passionfruit trellis

One of my favourite fruits is passion fruit.
Sweet and juicy passionfruits, that helps me go to toilet, faster.
So when my garden was ready, my first fruit tree that I wanted to plant is passionfruit. My previous passionfruit died cos  I stayed at an intermediate unit and there wasn't much sun and space for them to crawl. SO when I moved to my new house, I decided I want to build an extra tall trellis for my passion fruit. A 7 ft tall trellis. *gulp* I know, I am a very greedy gardener. Make use of the space ma...right? *lol*

So here's what you need:
A big pot (if you want to plant them in a pot)
Plastic Pipes ( i bought this 20 ft pipe at rm9 from hardware shop)
A plyer
A passion fruit plant (of course)
Cable tie ( not in pic) OR Garden wire (refer to pic below)
Heavy duty wire. I bought from hardware shop about 20ft for Rm3.50

I bought this garden wire from Ace Hardware about rm5.90 for 100ft. You can tie alot alot alot of things with this.

Place the plant in the middle of the pot and then fill it with soil.
And arrange the pipes surrounding the plant like this. It will be better if you have more pipes.
Since the heavy duty wires are already coiled into circle, i just put the entire wire around the pot and pull them up. They just go spiral and you just secure the placing with cable tie or garden wire. Sorry no pic of this cos , who else wanna snap pic of me when I'm always the official photographer?

And this is the outcome. Fuh! I nearly fainted while preparing this cos I'm only 5ft 1 tall and this trellis is 7 ft tall.
Looking forward for the leaves to fill up the entire trellis and hopefully I can harvest some passionfruits soon :)


  1. i love passion fruit too..
    i stopped gardening liao .. the chillie plant has been invaded with lotsa ants.. and rotten to death.. lol...

    1. aiyah die chilly only ma. Its one of the hardest to plant you know. Don't give up! (yeah lah.. like me.. my vege all stunted and not growing cos I moved in out in out cos of the rain. Now i have to restart all over again )

  2. o passion fruit, mang siang ko? saw lots this, seeling as drinks. the fruits kecil2 one rite? My parents house got one, they just grow taller and taller and the fruit ripe very fast. If you don't pluck it on time, the fruit kinda pecah. Can chew on it, or dump in to make drinks!

    1. not so kecil wor. Its like a handful like apple size.

  3. where to buy the plant?

  4. where to buy the plant?