Thursday, November 08, 2012

My playground

The kids got their new playground, our garden with grass and ample space for them to run around with our dog.

And mami also has a new playground, her vegetable garden.

Everyday, after I send them to school I'd hang out in my garden. The sound of cars passing by and my dog's breathing sound nearby is really a soothing sound.

It's been a rainy season, and although i have prepared my raised bed i still cannot plant much cos the rain might drown the baby plants. But I have been germinating seeds and these are some of the ones that I have germinated.

And this is my Purple Bean French Bean Plant.
Left: the day before , Middle: the next day (woah!) and right: few hours after the middle pic (woah woah!)

And this is few days later after i have transferred it to my vege patch.
Climb baby Climb!
And this is my Cherokee Butter Wax bean.

Watching them grow each day.

Ah.. if only it didn't rain everyday then I think they would have grown much more.

You've been warned that you will see alot of green (and purple) pics in this blog! :)


  1. You really got a great green hands and I have a plant killer hands! Hahaha...basically what plant also will die in my hand and I gave up gardening long time ago...

    Way to go Sasha, cant wait to see all your plants bear all the beans and fruits :)

  2. Hahhaha I used to be a plant killer, my hub called me murderer. Anyway just try luck and also it calms me. Cheaper than go teraphy. Hee

  3. saw you having so much fun with your plant :)

  4. Wow, that's a lot of variety there!! I've recently started putting a teeny tiny toe into the gardening arena too. Thai basil, lemongrass and mint so far. Dare not go for vege yet since I have very un-green fingers ;)
    Do share your gardening progress. Looking forward to see the final produce. Jia yu!