Thursday, August 16, 2012

I don't wanna be a doctor

Me: jayden, seriously what do you wanna be when you grow up?
Jd: a policeman lah.....(tired of answering me cos I've been bugging him and asking him this question so many times edi!!)
Me: dowan lah.... Don't be a policeman lah. What about be doctor?? Then you can take care of me when I'm old and sick?
Jd: no. I don't wanna be a doctor.
Me: why? Doctor good ma. Not dangerous.
Jd: you think I no need to go home is it?
Me: who say doctors don't go home?
Jd: if I work as doctor in the hospital then I need to work 24 hours you know? Then I cannot go home!
Me: chey... Hospital is 24 hours but... Doctors work in shift wan mah. Take turns to go home wan. And you can work like Dr Yong at the clinic then you no need to work 24 hours ler...
Jd: *thinking mode* hmmmm

I have no idea what gave him the idea that policeman can go home and doctors cannot go home. Haha silly boy!

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