Friday, August 17, 2012

The bully got bitten back

Just read this book & the author said that he used to be a bully's victim. The bully likes to make spitball. Spit into tissue and toss it back To the victims's table, most of the Landed on the author's face. Then the bully started to
Bite and pinch ppl. The author told the teacher about it and she just warned the bully and things got worst after that. So one fine day he decided enough is enough. He went and look for paper plier. When the bully threw a spitball at him, he just put the plier out and pinched the bully's back. The bully screamed and got sent to the nurse office. He however got sent to the principle office and got into trouble but he didnt mind cos the bully stop bullying ppl.

This reminds me of myself when i was in kindy. This fat boy always bullies me. One day, i saw a cockroach
And then i just started to hunt for cockroaches and manage to find
More than 10 of them with my sis and bro's help. Not very hard to find cockroaches during rainy season. Hehe Can't wait to go to school that night!!!!
The next day, I quietly put the plastic bag into my sch bag and when he got in as usual, he sat in front of me. And I just untied the rubberband and pour the cockroaches into his shirt. Yeap, u read me right. Into his shirt. Not onto. And he screamed like a lil Muahahhahahah I quickly went to the back Of the bus and hid under the seat. Why? Cos i know uncle bus would stop the bus and reach out for his cane. And he did!!! Muahahaha the joy of looking at his face after that incident
Is priceless. He dare not
Even sit near me anymore. Thinking about this make me laugh out loud but if my kid were to face with the same
Situation I wouldn't advice him
To do such thing. I'd say "
Tell teacher, tell the parents" and whole load of crap. Unless....he decided to act like his mom...

Muahahahha this is the effect of overworking and going nuts. You start to think of funny incidents like this!! okay back to work!

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  1. omg damn brave as a kid..can catch cockroach keep in bag summore.. pui fook pui fook