Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Luigi and me

Backdated post:

My Boh Boh bought me a Luigi. I like luigi because he wears green shirt. My kor kor likes Mario. And now he likes red. But the shop doesn't have Mario. So Boh Boh only bought luigi for me. After buying it from Paradigm Mall, I told my mami I wanna bath with luigi, cos Luigi is made from Plastic and plastic can float in water. Cool!

But then we got home late, and mami said it's too late to bath. Not cool! Mami said Luigi might catch a cold if I were to bath him. Okay, she has a point. So I changed into my pajamas and got ready for bed. But before that, I found a pillow case which is same as my fav pillow case. I asked my dadi to fold it like a pillow for my Luigi. Then I went and search for my fav underwear for Luigi to use as blanket. See how comfy Luigi is? Mami said Luigi fainted edi cos my underwear is smelly. Naah!! I checked, I smell it and it's not smelly at all.

And I went to drink my "celebration time" next to Luigi. Ah yes... I still drink my celebration time with my nen nen bottle. Mami always ask me if i'm shy. I said "naah.... not shy!"

But I was too active to sleep and then I thought of something! I went and took a piece of paper and asked dadi to draw a heart. You see, I can draw but not as nice as dadi. But I can colour nicely. After that I gave Luigi the heart. He looks happy cos he is forever smiling.:D
And I went to bed with Luigi.
I love my Luigi. Maybe for only 5 days.

~Justin chan~


  1. Muahahahahaha... LOL... Where does he get the inspiration to transform undies become blanky... hahaha... So cute... Seems like he was deeply in love with Mr. Luigi... And the heart... Awww...It is just too cute for words...

    1. Haha yeah I was wondering what he used as blanket too until I saw it haha

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