Thursday, August 02, 2012

Caught Copying :(

Went to pick the kids up and JD's teacher told me...

Teacher: *whisper* Your son cried today..

Me: huh? Why?

Teacher: during ejaan today, I caught him looking at another JD's answer.

Me: HUH???

Teacher: but....he got all correct. So I only gave him a smiley face. No "baik" and star for today. He asked me how come he didn't get the "baik" and star. So I told him that I saw him looking at his friend's answer and he admitted that he looked at his answer.

Me: then you should not give him a smiley face. You should draw unhappy face ma..

Teacher: *looked at JD and smile* nevermind la.. he admitted it edi.

So in the car, I spoke to him:

Me: kor.. i heard today you cried in school?

JD: erm... *shake head*

Me: really?

JD: *nod head and whisper* yes, i cried in school.

Me: why?

JD: cos...i only got smiley face for my ejaan. I didn't get the "baik" and also star.

Me: do you know why?

JD: because... I looked at JD Lee's book.

Me: Why?You don't know how to write meh?

JD: I don't know.

Me: Impossible! I am sure you know!

JD: yeah really i don't know. 

Me: why?

JD: because I cannot hear what teacher said.

Me: *sigh* B....if next time you cannot hear, you just raise your hand and say "teacher can you please repeat. I didn't hear you". You cannot go and look at your friend's book wan. Even if you know how to write, and even if you get all correct, teacher will say that you copied him. You're a very clever boy Jayden. I am very very confident with you. So no more peeking okay? You got to tell teacher to speak clearly when you cannot hear her okay?

JD: Okay. But its okay mami. I write "baik" and draw a star for myself edi.

Me: *smack forehead* like that also can ah?


  1. It is so good that you give him a chance to explain.

    1. when i was young, i was never asked or given any chance to speak.

  2. hahaha ...self become teacher

    1. yeah syiok sendiri hahaha