Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Caught copying (part 2)

So I went to sch the next day and told teacher why he copied and she said "oh... No wonder. Maybe it's because once, he asked me alot of questions and I told him : can you please not ask many times? And he stopped asking me question at all edi. Maybe that's why he is scared to ask me to repeat. So sorry" and then I showed her his book and she laughed. See what he did?

P/S: haha yeah and notice that medengar is wrong but he got it right. *smack forehead*


  1. For No. 3, shouldn't the imbuhan be "men" instead of "me"? So it should be "mendengar" instead of "medengar".

  2. my son's teacher also marked wrongly on his ejaan. Got one time he needs to write 'head' in Malay. He wrote KELAPA and I was surprised teacher marked it right !

  3. Sasha,

    This one marked by the teacher ah? Me-dengar still correct? haha!

    His handwriting is within all the lines. Good job!:D