Monday, February 28, 2011

No Longer A Baby

Jayden's foot when he was a few days old.

And this his foot again 1805 days old or 4 years, 11 months, 7 days years old

He kept telling me.
Twenty One March.
I am going to be 5 years old.
I cannot eat with baby plate anymore. 
I cannot eat using my Thomas Spoon anymore
And when I call him "baby... come over here " in front of ppl...
He'll sing out loud "COS BABY YOU ARE FIREWORK!" and distract me.
So shy that I call him baby.. 
but when no one is around and when I said "baby come here.."
He'll snuggle next to me, smelling his smelly Elmo Pillow and kiss me. Ah.. the feeling is wonderful.
I just wonder how many more years that's gonna happen.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm not A Bieber

In The Car..

JD: Mami. My hair is poking my eyes.

Me:Oh, nevermind. Later I'll cut for you okay? Remember ah... I WILL CUT FOR YOU. Never cut it yourself okay?

JD: but it's poking my eyes now.

Me: Then u brush it to the side like Justin Bieber lah

JD: *brush brush brush* Like this? * hair senget one side*

Me: yeah. Like that.

JD: So... I'm handsome now?

Me + Hub: hahahaaahahahah

JD: Justin's hair is also very long, poking his eyes.

Me: Then you ask him to brush his hair to the side like Justin Bieber lah

JD: Justin. You brush your hair like Justin Bieber to the side lah

JT: Hey. I'm not a Bieber. I'm A Justin.

Me + Hub: hahahaaahahahah

JD: No. You just brush your hair to the side LIKE Justin Bieber.


Me: Okay Okay. I know you are Justin Chan.

JT: Yes, I'm a Justin Chen.

Me: you are Justin CHAAAAN or Justin CHEEEEN?

JT: I am Justin CHAAAN.

Me: Good. haha clever boy.

JD: *still brushing his hair to the side*

Me: eh Jayden. Stop brushing your hair la. It won't make you more handsome if you brush more you know?

JD: *blush*

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Mr Angin

Yesterday, he came and told me "sorry mami..i shee shee in my pants ohdi".(oh yes.. btw, he is off diaper for day time :) ) I was busy designing so I said "it's okay go and change yourself". Then I heard water sound from the bathroom and then he came out from the bathroom, holding his wet pants with dripping water. "Mami! Look! I washed my own pants!"

Although water was dripping down on my laminated floor, I was happy to see that he was so independent and tried to imitate me.

So I picked up the soiled pants and asked him to go and put on a new one. Instead, he played peekaboo with me.

Standing on the edge of the chair and playing peekaboo with me. Of course, kena sound cos he might trip and fall down and then more work for me to do.

And then we gotto go to my parents's for dinner and he is still butt-N@ked. So I passed him a pair of shorts and asked him to put it on before he went into the car. He fell asleep while we're on our way and I found him this way when I got down from the car.

hehehe he wore the shorts, both legs into one hole!


You know one thing? Although he has an "angin" mode sometimes, most of the time he ain't a bad kid. He is independent and very matured for his age. I just think that he is too bored being at home with me who is always either working, cooking or cleaning.

And you know what? I just love the fact that I get to see all these myself, snap pics and jotting it here so I can read it back myself (or let him read it himself) later in the future. And he's growing up too fast. For now, I'm just gonna enjoy all the anginess before he grows out of it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mr Angin : Part V

We went to pick Jayden up from his school just now. My neighbour came along. So while we're on our way back just now, neighbour wanted to see her friend's house. So we took another way home and then..


Me: aiyah, aunty D wanna see her friend's house la.

Justin: NO! NO! Cannot! TURN BACK NOW!

Neighbour: This way also can go home wan. Don't cry okay?


Me: Same la. Same way. *reached home and wait for gate to open*

Justin: NO! Go backwards now! GO-BACK-WARDS! Go out and turn again, then come home!

Me: hmmmm Angin mode again ler *whisper to neighbour*

Neighbour : yeah la. really Angin. Very kuat some more *whisper back and heads home*

Justin : UWAAA!! I don't like this! I- DON'T- LIKE-THIS! 

Me: too bad la. come and eat rice now.

Justin: NO. I don't want to eat rice. I want you to go out and come home again!

Me: ...................okay la. then you go out yourself and then come home yourself again la ok? But if ppl catch you, then you cannot come home. Okay? So I open the door for you ok?

Jayden: *teasing* oh if Justin go missing, can we go buy a new titi? *smile*

Me: Goooood idea. We will go and buy a new titi.

Jayden: *teasing* what is my new titi's name?

Me: I think.. J.......Jaycob?

Justin: I don't want to go outside anymore. I eat rice then I go Aunty D house and play Lego. *eat rice*

Me : *wipe sweat* phew....

Why can't we use another way to go home? Dunno why. Cos Mr Angin says cannot.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


This happened during CNY. We had steamboat on the eve of cny and of course one of the fav ingredient is Enoki.

On the first day of cny, Jayden said he wanna poop. So usually he will go and poop himself and will scream call out for me to wash his bum. That day, I waited rather long and so I decided to check on him. I saw him swaying his bum at the toilet seat, front , back, left and right. I said "Halo! What are you doing? Dancing on the toilet bowl?" he said "No. It's stucked. I cannot get it out"

So I checked and Ewwwwwwwwww ENOKI got stucked!!!



Pengsan to the maxxx!!!!!

And the worst part is, its very slippery and I wanna OEK OEK cos got shit stucked to it mah.

So pulled and terlepas, pull samo, come out abit more. At the end, finally I got it out.

Both mother and kid also sweating edi. hahahahhaahaha

So Jayden asked "what is that Mami?"

I quickly remembered that I always told him not to put his fingers or toys into his mouth. Otherwise he will have germs going into his stomach and will get tummy ache.

So I said "neh, worm la. Cos you always like to put finger in your mouth. So the worm from small small become so big. Luckily came out. So next time you wanna put fingers in your mouth or not?"

He said "eeee don't want". And up till today, for 2 weeks I never see him putting his finger into his mouth.

Yay! Another lie that will bring me closer to hell. But its okay that I'm going there, as long as my kids turn out to be good guys.

Okay so back to Enoki. So the moral of the story is :
1. Do not feed your kid Enoki
2. if you wanna feed, please cut short short so you don't have to pull it *oek oek* like me.

Sekian terima kasih.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Times like this...

I just mopped the floor.

And I sat down to check my emails.

Kids playing.

Hahaha at the background.

I turned around and the floor is sprinkled and decorated with Kueh Kapit bits everywhere.

So I took out the vacuum cleaner and began to vacuum the floor.

And a tiny hand came to "help" me.

"Mami, are you cleaning the house? I help you ah? Mami let me hold. WUAH! the vaccum cleaner so noisy."

And the vacuum stopped working. Why?
Because  someone stepped on the vacuum cleaner and accidentally offed the switch. So I on it back and continued to vacuum and it stopped again.
Oh Mami, your vaccum cleaner OFF edi. Spoil edi. Of course lah. You press off of course OFF la right?

Ohmmm............ Times like this really make me  think about  sending him to school. But then it's only for 3 hours only. Same same, still can torture me and be cute at the same time.

If he did this to me last year at this time, I think I'll go mental. But then I just smiled and continued to vaccum. I think after one year of torture practice, I think I am immune to this kinda situation. Or maybe I became gila edi.


C.I.M : Puff Pastry Snack

I know.. I know.. WHAT THE?????? First it was D.I.M and now its C.I.M????  Sorry la.. I am from Marketing background wan. So we have GWP (gift with purchase) then we have PWP (purchase with purchase) and so I have DIM and now CIM for Cook It Myself la. This is what chinese called " Jik Yip Peng" or "Work Related Sickness???" everything also got some short forms for it. :P

Anyway, I was browsing some blogs and I was thinking "wah this mom , super woman. Can cook this and that". Then i saw one of her recipes wah like so easy nia. So also fast fats go and buy whatever I think I need for the masak masak la.

And the final outcome:
Eh I Did it lehhhhh!!!! Sausage rolls, Ham rolls and tuna puff pastry for our snack time (like so big deal right? *smack forehead*)

I always though its damn hard to cook puff pastry. Actually yeah la. Cos I never make the puff pastry before. So i think its hard la. But then for those who make before, for them is sap sap sui. Can make while painting nails also :P

So after seeing the mommy cook like its so damn easy, I also wanna try lah. So I went to buy the ingredient and taddaa.. What u need is the frozen ready made puff pastry and just thaw it and roll it with anything you likey. Brush some egg wash on it, maybe throw in some cheese or whatever you likelah and put in oven. Kids got snacks, they happy you also happy. No need to prepare long time and not much to clean. hiak hiak hiak....

So what is there to blog about leh? Not that I make from scratch or its something new what right? Yeah, actually why ah i blog about this? nehmind lah. I just wanna take pic and show myself that I did something (and also remind myself that I can make quick snack for myself and my kids in the future) and also give some tips to those very busy moms out there that you also can do it, the short cut way like me:P

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sometimes 5, sometimes not 5

Me: Jayden.. nah yr favourite mushroom.
Jayden: I am 5 years old edi. I no need to eat mushroom anymore.

Me: come sit on stroller.
Jayden: I am 5 years old edi. I no need to sit on stroller anymore.

I am 5 years old edi. I no need to do this.
I am 5 years old edi. I no need to do that.

So I told him.

You are 5 years old edi. No need to drink Milo with nen nen bottle edi okay?
You are 5 years old edi. You need to take yr smelly elmo pillow and blanket to yr own room and sleep in your own room okay? Remember to take yr titi also ok?

And he kept quiet for a while. Thought and thought abit and he came to me..

Mami..... You are a playful are kidding me right? I am only 4 years old not yet 5 years old.

Char tou or not?