Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Mr Angin

Yesterday, he came and told me "sorry mami..i shee shee in my pants ohdi".(oh yes.. btw, he is off diaper for day time :) ) I was busy designing so I said "it's okay go and change yourself". Then I heard water sound from the bathroom and then he came out from the bathroom, holding his wet pants with dripping water. "Mami! Look! I washed my own pants!"

Although water was dripping down on my laminated floor, I was happy to see that he was so independent and tried to imitate me.

So I picked up the soiled pants and asked him to go and put on a new one. Instead, he played peekaboo with me.

Standing on the edge of the chair and playing peekaboo with me. Of course, kena sound cos he might trip and fall down and then more work for me to do.

And then we gotto go to my parents's for dinner and he is still butt-N@ked. So I passed him a pair of shorts and asked him to put it on before he went into the car. He fell asleep while we're on our way and I found him this way when I got down from the car.

hehehe he wore the shorts, both legs into one hole!


You know one thing? Although he has an "angin" mode sometimes, most of the time he ain't a bad kid. He is independent and very matured for his age. I just think that he is too bored being at home with me who is always either working, cooking or cleaning.

And you know what? I just love the fact that I get to see all these myself, snap pics and jotting it here so I can read it back myself (or let him read it himself) later in the future. And he's growing up too fast. For now, I'm just gonna enjoy all the anginess before he grows out of it.


  1. so true! can see all his pattern is a very happy thing lor..sigh,he's like wearing miniskirt..wahahaha

  2. When the mother is busy with her own things most of the time, the kid has to be independent. The kid also will do a lot of "angin" things to draw the busy mum's attention. He is indeed a cute boy.

  3. i just realize how good you are coping with the role now. Simply let him be independent. I guess I've been given too much of obligation to my kids. Probably i should be like you and my life would definitely better.

  4. He is super cute in that sleeping position

  5. did he had a good laugh at himself when he woke up ? I'm sure you did. I would too :D :D

  6. Anonymous7:20 PM

    ya...mine aso doing the butt naked thing. i going gilaaaaaaa

  7. Next time when they grow up, you will be in stitches laughing over what they have done now... so nice.. how i wish i could do that too when my kids were young..

  8. Hahaha! He could really sleep with both the legs in on hole of his pants!

    And yes, in fact, I think it's good to look after the kids by yourself. That way, you can enjoy (enjoy lah ok?!) the process of him growing up. And with all those funny things that your kids had done, you get to see them yourself and you get to laugh at them yourself!

    My mama still laugh at me when she recalls that I went missing out of a sudden. All of them (my uncle, aunts, mama) all looking for me but to no avail. Then the next door neighbour shouted, "who you shouting for oh?? You looking for kok? He's here at the back of the house!" guess what I was doing? I was squatting down while shit-ting at the back yard!!!

    Everyone was relief to find me safe while watching me shut lah! Hahaha!

  9. Yes, no matter how tired and insane it can be, I have to say the joy and happiness that comes with it wins hands down :-). You are so lucky to be able to see all these yourself.

  10. So cute!!! Shan Rae is also Mr Angin *ha ha*