Thursday, February 17, 2011


This happened during CNY. We had steamboat on the eve of cny and of course one of the fav ingredient is Enoki.

On the first day of cny, Jayden said he wanna poop. So usually he will go and poop himself and will scream call out for me to wash his bum. That day, I waited rather long and so I decided to check on him. I saw him swaying his bum at the toilet seat, front , back, left and right. I said "Halo! What are you doing? Dancing on the toilet bowl?" he said "No. It's stucked. I cannot get it out"

So I checked and Ewwwwwwwwww ENOKI got stucked!!!



Pengsan to the maxxx!!!!!

And the worst part is, its very slippery and I wanna OEK OEK cos got shit stucked to it mah.

So pulled and terlepas, pull samo, come out abit more. At the end, finally I got it out.

Both mother and kid also sweating edi. hahahahhaahaha

So Jayden asked "what is that Mami?"

I quickly remembered that I always told him not to put his fingers or toys into his mouth. Otherwise he will have germs going into his stomach and will get tummy ache.

So I said "neh, worm la. Cos you always like to put finger in your mouth. So the worm from small small become so big. Luckily came out. So next time you wanna put fingers in your mouth or not?"

He said "eeee don't want". And up till today, for 2 weeks I never see him putting his finger into his mouth.

Yay! Another lie that will bring me closer to hell. But its okay that I'm going there, as long as my kids turn out to be good guys.

Okay so back to Enoki. So the moral of the story is :
1. Do not feed your kid Enoki
2. if you wanna feed, please cut short short so you don't have to pull it *oek oek* like me.

Sekian terima kasih.



    I'll never look at Enoki the same way again!!!!!


  2. Anonymous5:56 PM


    I'll never look at Enoki the same way again!


  3. aiseh....the like got string for u to pull. P had constipation problem a few times. the poo is too hard n big n long. cannot come out. he pushhhhhhhed until green face type. so how? i hv to use my hand to pull the shit out.... not once..but many times i m dou si lou.

  4. ............................. I have to skip tonight's dinner. Better go tabao something else to eat.

  5. i dunno what's enoki...i go google image now. hehe.

  6. goshhhhh... I wanna thank my stars.. cos during the time they were young, there were no enoki-s or perhaps I never heard of them!! phewwww!!

  7. aiyo.. I was having lunch while reading this post leh...

  8. I like your lie. Your enoki will be stuck in my mind lah to eat Enoki again...which I like.

  9. I like your lie. Your enoki will be stuck in my mind lah to eat Enoki again...which I like.

  10. Sasha, enoki so difficult to digest one meh? :o

  11. eww!!! LOL! good la now he knows not to put his fingers in the mouth:)

  12. Good moral of the story sharing. Hehehe!

  13. Hey, this happened to Cassandra too but not Enoki - water cress stuck to her bump with lots of poop wrapped round the veggie. Ewwwwwwwww!!!

  14. wa new look!

    so grosssss! no wonder they say mom's the best sacrifice everythng!! hahaha,kesian only , you need a good rest edy!

  15. you know i love enoki .. after reading this .. i dun think i wanna eat anymore. LOL. eh he doesn't chew his enoki? just swallow??
    now he doesn't put his fingers in the mouth anymore ... that's great news! :)

  16. aiyoo...lucky manage to pull it out :P

  17. ah hahahahahahaha, make me laugh in the middle of the night...
    same here same here,
    but i don't have to "oek oek", very easily pull out...
    anyway, i think, small small, still cannot digest la, for them...

  18. eeeerrr! I am no longer hungry after reading your blog! hahaha!

    Done this before with my girl when her poo poo stucked! So nothing unusual for me.

    Lately she has the habit of putting her finger into her mouth. I tried to discourage her like getting germs, nail and finger not nice etc. Probably I will use your words hopefully it will stop her from putting finger into her mouth!

  19. Wah... so grosss la.. I donno if I will use my fingers if my kids are stuck in the same situation.. haha.

    Love your new page!

  20. Lol. You just gave me an idea what to say to Ryan in times like this.

  21. lol! i've pulled out nangka and veggie (the stalk) from my gals before. how la i know they don't chew but just swallow like that.

    gross! the things we moms have to do eh?! ;)


  22. This is indeed quite gross!!!

  23. Hahaha really entertaining to read your experience. Will remember your advice to cut enoki shorter.