Friday, February 11, 2011

C.I.M : Puff Pastry Snack

I know.. I know.. WHAT THE?????? First it was D.I.M and now its C.I.M????  Sorry la.. I am from Marketing background wan. So we have GWP (gift with purchase) then we have PWP (purchase with purchase) and so I have DIM and now CIM for Cook It Myself la. This is what chinese called " Jik Yip Peng" or "Work Related Sickness???" everything also got some short forms for it. :P

Anyway, I was browsing some blogs and I was thinking "wah this mom , super woman. Can cook this and that". Then i saw one of her recipes wah like so easy nia. So also fast fats go and buy whatever I think I need for the masak masak la.

And the final outcome:
Eh I Did it lehhhhh!!!! Sausage rolls, Ham rolls and tuna puff pastry for our snack time (like so big deal right? *smack forehead*)

I always though its damn hard to cook puff pastry. Actually yeah la. Cos I never make the puff pastry before. So i think its hard la. But then for those who make before, for them is sap sap sui. Can make while painting nails also :P

So after seeing the mommy cook like its so damn easy, I also wanna try lah. So I went to buy the ingredient and taddaa.. What u need is the frozen ready made puff pastry and just thaw it and roll it with anything you likey. Brush some egg wash on it, maybe throw in some cheese or whatever you likelah and put in oven. Kids got snacks, they happy you also happy. No need to prepare long time and not much to clean. hiak hiak hiak....

So what is there to blog about leh? Not that I make from scratch or its something new what right? Yeah, actually why ah i blog about this? nehmind lah. I just wanna take pic and show myself that I did something (and also remind myself that I can make quick snack for myself and my kids in the future) and also give some tips to those very busy moms out there that you also can do it, the short cut way like me:P


  1. Cook? Sap sap sui for Sasha lah:)

  2. hiak hiak hiak..easy hor!

  3. Looks good!! Paint nail and bake at the same time? Lol.