Friday, February 11, 2011

Times like this...

I just mopped the floor.

And I sat down to check my emails.

Kids playing.

Hahaha at the background.

I turned around and the floor is sprinkled and decorated with Kueh Kapit bits everywhere.

So I took out the vacuum cleaner and began to vacuum the floor.

And a tiny hand came to "help" me.

"Mami, are you cleaning the house? I help you ah? Mami let me hold. WUAH! the vaccum cleaner so noisy."

And the vacuum stopped working. Why?
Because  someone stepped on the vacuum cleaner and accidentally offed the switch. So I on it back and continued to vacuum and it stopped again.
Oh Mami, your vaccum cleaner OFF edi. Spoil edi. Of course lah. You press off of course OFF la right?

Ohmmm............ Times like this really make me  think about  sending him to school. But then it's only for 3 hours only. Same same, still can torture me and be cute at the same time.

If he did this to me last year at this time, I think I'll go mental. But then I just smiled and continued to vaccum. I think after one year of torture practice, I think I am immune to this kinda situation. Or maybe I became gila edi.



  1. the "Ommmmmm" mantra again? hahahahahaha. Send him to school lah. at least you get 3 hours to yourself :)

  2. wei.. u very canggih la.. salute this mum here.. while doing housecleaning, hp or camera by your side! :)

  3. Anonymous3:22 AM

    ah, so cute, see your blog, see your fb status, all so cute :)
    ya... now, i also start wondering, if my daughter's been too bored at home, and need to send her to nursery liao :)
    and now, i'm learning from you, how to be like you, 1 year down the road...
    have been on the "rage" lately, cos baby won't follow instruction...
    touch touch here, touch touch there, won't eat rice... bla bla bla...

  4. Sasha, you have trained up to have good patience. I guess I still need a lot of practices. I always lack of patience and get mad rather easy.

  5. I respect the ZEN in your heart :P

  6. What a cute little helper he is Sasha!!! Don't forget he's also learning a lot at need to go to school yet, life's lessons at home with Mum. Like how to turn the vacuum off. And on. Off. On.

  7. haha, let them train to be very positive ady? Nvmla, atleast he's still cute and attempt to help out :D

  8. i agree, send him to school. for 3 hours, i m sure u can accomplish many it cim, dim, housework, etc.

  9. He likes school right the I guess he'll be looking forward to that. 3 hours of zero interruption is heaven. Even the ride home from kindy is a bliss.

  10. hahaha! looks like you are "well-trained"! :P keep cool ya

  11. u just coping well with that. I salute you that always being so 'steady'. :P