Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Are you still designing?

Yeah, sometimes. But lately I really have no mood to draw at all. Cos I am so busy with my sewing monster and also the time spent on designing is really too long for one project and I need to do so many research for it and still people think "not from template wan ah?"

Anyway, I am still doing it realllllllyyy sloowwwwwwly. Only when I am taking a break from sewing then I will stare at my Mac and draw. Recently I have finished 2 projects. First, was a brochure for My Cheeky Boo.

Bonnie's a great customer to work with and purple is one of my fav colour. So its much easier for me to work on her brochure. Check out her site now cos she is having some same going on there!

The next one was the follow up from my Poot Poot Car Header. Shir Lin finally found the pic that she like and send it over to me. My duty was to basically chop the head, crop it nicely and animate it. Voila!


Shir Lin is also a great customer to work with and since it's my as-it-is header, It's much easier to work with :)

Thanks y'all for your support and your trust in my work. But I think I should take a break from designing and wait until Mr.Lingkum (inspiration) to come along then I'll zap my mouse out and start drawing again :)


  1. Good work, Sasha.. wonder how/when/where to get the linkam like yours..

  2. Nice work...it aint easy managing 2 boys, a house and work! well done.

  3. well done...nice job Sasha...

  4. keep up in good work......:)

  5. u got to go buffet more for more lingum.. hahaha...