Tuesday, June 15, 2010

...of them talking...

In the car...
JD: Justin you must put yr seat belt. If not the Police will come and catch you.
JT: *scream sarcastically*
JD & JT: Muahahahhahahaha
Cos the mom always scare them like that... and they're trying to imitate her O_o

In the car with neighbour...
JT: Dotty (Dorothy) put seatbelt!
D: ah? what he say ah ?
Me: He asked you to put on your seatbelt lo..
D: ah? okay okay boss!

At home:
JT: I doe wan shoe! I doe wan Shoe! (insist wanna put on another pair of shoe)
JD: justin...don't be choosy! Just wear the shoes okay? *roll eyes and walk off*
Me: O_o *thinking: why sound so familar wan?*

In the car last night...
Jasmine: Jayden you wanna eat ice cream?
JD: *shake head*
Jasmine: You wanna eat slurpee?
JD: *shake Head* I cannot eat because Justin is coughing.
Jasmine: mai mai.. why Justin cough Jayden cannot eat?
Me: cos.. if he is eating cold things and justin cannot eat, then Justin will cry la.
JD: when Justin is feeling better then we all eat ice cream together....


  1. Wah, the korkor so sweet one, can wait for Justin to have cold food.

  2. wah.. the last one really "lum" u, right? good upbringing, hor.. :p

  3. muahahahahahhahhahhah......i can picture the both of them trying to mimic you. this is too funny. JD is becoming such a good boy and so sensible.

  4. so very the considerate of JD and i am amazed............

    ya,you brought them up well

  5. such a thoughtful kor kor. :)

  6. Jayden is a good kor kor.. so sweet... :) you have done a great job, Sasha.

  7. I like the last one - Jayden so good boy. :)

  8. I always believe in leading through examples. It really takes a good parent to being up a good kid. :D

  9. Good parenting, Sasha. Have to learn from u

  10. so funny!!! jayden so smart!!! hahaha

  11. gosh..what can i say?? JD is such a good brother le....

  12. Sasha, so cute (oops, I mean your boys) hhehehehe...imitating their mommy.

  13. the first conversation very familiar. i think i used it pretty often..wahhaha

  14. jayden so kuai leh!

  15. wah, korkor very good boy wor... :D
    auntie shannon SAAAAYAAAAAAANG!

  16. your son saying "dotty" instead of dorothy cracked me up. GOOD GRIEF, your kids are funny!!! :D :D :D :D :D such cuteness!!