Monday, September 28, 2009

Someone's happy...*updated*


Do you know why?


Cos I sew for him, his favourite train t-shirt.


Toby is his favourite train. The longest among all his fav trains (Henry and Gordon). Look at poor Toby, patah here and koyak there. Since there's only Thomas T -shirt in the market and no Toby shirt, so I thought why not sew one for him. It's not perfectly sewn but he likes it. And that is what matters the most.

P/s: some of you asked if I bought the toby and iron/sew it on. No ler... toby not popular. So i gotto join a few pcs of felt and plain cloth for the different section of Toby body. Sew the face on white plain cloth. Used buttons for the train bumper and also the "DUUUT" on his forehead. The eyes are made using the "snap button". Here is the cacat sewing, closed up.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

For the love of BKT

Took this video 2 weeks back and forgot about it until I downloaded Justin's walking video just now. (bad mom - i know!)

This video is about Jayden eating his favourite food, Bak Kut Teh with mushrooms. He was very sleepy but yet he still wanna eat his BKT. So poor fella was trying hard to eat and struggling not to fall asleep. The next table was laughing at him during the entire meal. hehe

Right after the last scoop, he slept sitting up. HAHA

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally, I sewed it!

Mott, remember this cloth?? Finally I sewed it!

The view during noon, without lights. I love the design and colour!

And this is how it looks like at night with the lights on.

I started sewing at 9pm last Sunday and finished around 11pm. The kids was still up and playing with their dad in the room. When Jayden saw the curtain he told me "Nice curtain mami.....". Yeah of course la.. it's Thomas and his friends design

Thanks Mott for the cloth. Very nice! and *whisper* I finally bought a new sewing machine!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On His Actual Bday

We went to Genting..


What?? I'm too short???

JT: Gimme some food I can be taller lah!

He saw the car and ran to Q up. But after one round of riding, he said "don't want". I guess he was bored playing alone while all of us stood like idiot kept waving at him.

Titi's first time on carousel, accompanied by his Dad and Kor Kor.

His serious face. i think he got it from his dad. *sigh*

With my niece and Justin in the errrr.. caterpilar thinggy.

some camwhoring moment. Let me continue it in Justin's blog. Worried everyone started puking seeing my face so often!

Titi's fake shoes bought from lil2twinkle. He kept wanting to bite his shoes, so we removed it.

He keep wanting to stand up and see what's outside. Ah.. his double swirl is stil very visible.

On the errrr hanging stuff tat goes around the indoor park.

We brought him to do the wax thinggy. We thought that he will freak out and cry. But nope. This guy just smile and keep kicking his leg asking the man "more.... more". he's one very brave lil fella.

While dadi was donating some money to Uncle Lim's business. We "Walked" around. The lil one refused to let anyone carry him. And refused to let anyone hold both his hands. Only hold one side of his hand allowed. And because of this, I gotto walk around and around many times instead of going straight!

And we went on the carousel again. On the horsie..

DSC_1007 copy
On the horse carriage..

the "OKAY-ENOUGH look"

So we picked up the wax thinggy..

And headed home. While going down we saw the signboard "MUSHROOM FARM". Since Mushroom is Jayden's favourite food now, we thought why not drop by and let him see.

Yeah! huge mushroom! The real mushroom got harvested and you know what? We found out that this mushroom farm is just next to the park and they serve food too. Maybe the food is cheaper here eh? Never check though...

And he posed next to the mushroom and he refused to leave!

I love this shots,So ngam I can combine and make it into a GIF image. its like First my life started with jayden, then he smile, Then titi came and he got confused and then lastly both look into the screen with happy face. Okay okay.. i know.. I siao edi.

DSC_1023 copy
My niece took this pic. Nice hor.. if only Jayden look to the front then it will be perfect. Look at happy Justin. He's laughing cos he gets to hug his kor kor, his best fren.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kaki Jalan

Yesterday at parents house:

Me: Titi, where are your shoes?
JT: *crawled and found his shoes, tried to put it on himself, seating down. Failed, so try standing position. He hold on to the chair and tried to balance his body with one leg and another trying to put on his shoes. Failed also. So he got pissed and picked up the shoes and throw it. So maid put it on for him*
JT: kai kai....
Mum: Huh????
Everyone : *laughed*

So small become "kaki jalan" already. Don't know whether to be scared OR happy that he talks at such a young age but he definitely made my day.

Pictures took on the 6th September 2009:

The "Don't touch me" look.

" I can do it myself!"

So young and so determined. Refused to let anyone touch him on the swing except If you swing him. If you touch his hand he will scream and cry!



Body guard is always nearby...

Another of his playmate, Jasmine- my niece.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Lil Mickey is OnE!

Time flies.. *sniff sniff* my lil Mickey is ONE!

Big C (okay from today onwards I'm calling him C, cos jayden is Big J and Justin is Small J). So C told me he know someone that can cook very nice dishes, but he went disappeared for many days and he came back few days before THE day. So when we finally found him, he eksi la.. said he dun do for less than 30 adults. So I gotto be my own caterer. 3 nights we're in hypermarts, and on Friday morning I was at the wet market at 8.15am with my kids and maid.

Ching Chong.. Ching Chong...Tadaaa...

We celebrated Justin's bday earlier with a simple dinner on the 5th September 2009 in our house.

Its a Mickey Party!

The party pack stuffed with some a mickey notebook, mickey pen, raisin, junk food and of course balloons.


The Food: Red Eggs, Wu Xi Spare Ribs, Sambal Prawn and Squid, Mixed Vege, Fried Yee Mee, Siu Yoke and some fried stuff all done by myself. Satay & Chicken Wing contributed by C from Ramadhan Bazaar :). If you're worried that your cooking sucks, simply starve yr relatives and everything will be nice to eat :). Muahahhahaha


The cuppies - bday gift from SIL . Thanks min for the beer cuppies! Don't worry, no one mabuk after the party :P

The birthday boy and the very tired and wrinkled mom.

Justin with his red eggs. He kissed the red egg and hence the red lips.

Finally he got the "licence" to drink yogurt drinks.

The kids + cousins.


His first reaction when everyone started singing the birthday song.

His second reaction when he realized its HIS Birthday song!

Zoomed to his face! can you see how perfect his smile was???

No chance to blow and don't know how to blow. Next year okay, justin?

Cupcake cutting ceremony...

The family pic...

Justin: Give me the cupcake la...

I'm glad that everything turned out fine. Yeap, I won't deny its tiring preparing for this. But I felt so much better after I saw his reaction.
No money can ever buy this smile.