Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mum Mum Ah?

I stopped my car in front of a restaurant and the lil one asked "MUM MUM AH?". I said "no. only tah pau". And he to play with his toys like he really understand what he asked and what I have answered him.


We're at Ikano, he was so hungry and started fussing around in the restaurant. So I brought him to the nearby stall to buy some Kaya Balls. When I paid the lady money and she handed me the bag, he asked "MUM MUM AH?" I said "Yeah. Mum Mum for you". He cried immediately asking me for it. Maybe he really know what I mean.

This is him in the kitchen, while we're preparing our food. The only way to keep him busy and to stop him from opening all the kitchen cabinet doors...

hehe, look at the apple bit sticking on his cheek. Saving it for his gf maybe?

And he quietly sit there and eat his apple.

Justin = Eating machine.

But as you can see, he's not the chubby kid. cos he never stop moving!


  1. of course he understand what you are saying to him. cheeky boy is very smart :D he looks so much like his kor kor. btw, i likey your kitchen very much. sooooo stylish ;)

  2. Eating machine is always better than not eating. :)
    Happy birthday to Justin boy.

  3. saw that bite of apple on his cheeck :)

    my korkor also one eating machine, but i got one trouble with didi who dislike eating :(

  4. good mum mum.. an apple per day keeps the doc away!

  5. mum2chums: u ah... forever looking at ppl interior. haha yr house also very nice la.

    Shoppingmum: haha u're early by a day

    Mum2QQ: nenevermind as long as healthy.

    Reanaclaire: haha yeah yeah

  6. he is smart. he know how to exercise after eat

  7. as long as he loves eating, that's the most important..don't worry about the weight!

  8. He can eat apple without the front teeth ar? LOL.

  9. so cute! so fast 1 year old already yea.

    it's ok not chubby la, as long he's healthy. my no. 2 also eating machine but doesn't show wor whereas my no. 1 doesnt eat much but looks so chubby. must be the genes i guess.

    happy 1st bday justin for 2moro! have fun eating ya! ;)

  10. lillamb: haha he tengah makan also exercise wan.

    kk&ws: yeap health is the most impt thing.

    ect: haha got front teeth very big samo.

    ryeli: ah i think both my sons got my genes.

  11. He understood you but you didn't understand him. I think he is trying to tell you that he wants mum mum NOW! Hehehehehe.

    He is such a good boy!

  12. good leh, if he likes to eat. and wont go gemuk tim :)

  13. Justin first picture look a lot like Jayden!

    Eating machine is good, at least he like food.

  14. good la.. at least you don't have to scratch head how to keep him mum mum... :D

    so, birthday macam maner?

  15. he lurves eating huh

  16. Wow, I just love the picture showing him sitting and bite the apple like no one business :) Soooo adorable!!

  17. you let him eat apple on his own? Smart boy.

    Happy Birthday, Justin.

  18. food is the bext thing to keep an active toddler quite (for a while at least)...

    p/s: i think justine saved that piece of apple for you lar... when you kiss him later *hehe*

  19. adoi, look at his laugh...haha:D
    it's actually good to munch at apple, what a good trick :)
    happy b'day to justin boy, time really flies :D

  20. i just loves those photo with his eating style. So cute, justin boy!!!

    Happy birthday...

  21. good to have eating machine. :)

  22. I love to c this eating machine in action. :) Happy 1st Birthday to Justin!

  23. Hahaha, can't stop laughing looking at the pic - Justin munching on the apple :D So cute,and seems forver so hungry!!!


  24. Hahaha! Such a smart lil' fella! :) And it's good that he eats everything! Senang for you...

  25. Looks so cheerful!~ so cute, the way he eat!