Friday, September 11, 2009

Lil Mickey is OnE!

Time flies.. *sniff sniff* my lil Mickey is ONE!

Big C (okay from today onwards I'm calling him C, cos jayden is Big J and Justin is Small J). So C told me he know someone that can cook very nice dishes, but he went disappeared for many days and he came back few days before THE day. So when we finally found him, he eksi la.. said he dun do for less than 30 adults. So I gotto be my own caterer. 3 nights we're in hypermarts, and on Friday morning I was at the wet market at 8.15am with my kids and maid.

Ching Chong.. Ching Chong...Tadaaa...

We celebrated Justin's bday earlier with a simple dinner on the 5th September 2009 in our house.

Its a Mickey Party!

The party pack stuffed with some a mickey notebook, mickey pen, raisin, junk food and of course balloons.


The Food: Red Eggs, Wu Xi Spare Ribs, Sambal Prawn and Squid, Mixed Vege, Fried Yee Mee, Siu Yoke and some fried stuff all done by myself. Satay & Chicken Wing contributed by C from Ramadhan Bazaar :). If you're worried that your cooking sucks, simply starve yr relatives and everything will be nice to eat :). Muahahhahaha


The cuppies - bday gift from SIL . Thanks min for the beer cuppies! Don't worry, no one mabuk after the party :P

The birthday boy and the very tired and wrinkled mom.

Justin with his red eggs. He kissed the red egg and hence the red lips.

Finally he got the "licence" to drink yogurt drinks.

The kids + cousins.


His first reaction when everyone started singing the birthday song.

His second reaction when he realized its HIS Birthday song!

Zoomed to his face! can you see how perfect his smile was???

No chance to blow and don't know how to blow. Next year okay, justin?

Cupcake cutting ceremony...

The family pic...

Justin: Give me the cupcake la...

I'm glad that everything turned out fine. Yeap, I won't deny its tiring preparing for this. But I felt so much better after I saw his reaction.
No money can ever buy this smile.


  1. Love his excited smile! You are such a good Mama!

  2. Yeah! Priceless Smile, Laughter.. Happiness shows on his cute face!

  3. Happy Birthday to Justin!! and you also terror to prepare all these ya!!! the smile, both on you, Justin, and others.. PRICELESS!

  4. Happy Birthday Justin! He is so happy, I like his big smile.

  5. your smile also perfect like Justin.. Happy boy, happy mummy, happy family ! Happy Birthday Justin !

  6. really salute u. super hot talented mama. if i were in ur shoes, i just go ta pau food....

    n yes, i can see Justin is sooooooo happy..

  7. wah, so fast oledi 1 yr old? time really flew...
    happy happy belated birthday...

    love how happy he looks in the pic... :D

  8. "Zoomed to his face! can you see how perfect his smile was???"

    I think your smile is perfect too ^-^

    Happy Birthday

  9. Wow! What a nice big smile! I remember Aidan and Ashley were not smiling at all during their 1st bday when we sang to them

  10. You prepared everything all by yourself?? Impressive!!! *salute*

    Love Justin big smile :). I think Brae & Shay hardly smiled on their birthdays...hahahah.

    Nice photos too. Lastly, Happy Belated Birthday, Justin!

  11. wow, u seriously one 'keng' mama la! i love the theme, esp the decor you did. you're putting me to shame la... i'm still cracking my head where to hold my no.2 1st bday next mth and it's no where doing it by myself. lol!

    yes, his smiles are so priceless and you still look good preparing this party by yourself!

  12. Justin's such a good boy. He thanked u with his happy big smile. Good thing the eksi fler dowan to cater for u guys. So u can show-off ur cooking talent.

  13. Hi there!I've been following your blog for quite some time and I just want to tell you that you have adorable kids!

    p/s: nice house too..LOL

    Hope Justin had a blast and many years to come.Happy Birthday boy!!:)

  14. gosh, love that smile, sure melts yr heart huh! happy birthday Justin! many more great mickey bdays to come yeah!

  15. Happy B'day Justin. Great food and cuppies.

  16. Happy 1st Birthday Justin! Remembered last time read your blog, Justin havent pop out yet, and now 1 already, time really flies!

    Love all the photos, and Justin's happy smile is really priceless..

  17. happy birthday to justin ... yah .. his smile is priceless ... mummy look good also and the cuppies was great ...

  18. oh the smile on his face is priceless. happy belated birthday small J :D boy, you can really cook up a storm. love the decor.

  19. happy belated birthday justin!! You really cooks very well

  20. everything looked superb! good on u sasha for pulling it off soo well!

    and ure so right. that smile just pays off all the tired-ness, doesnt it ;D

    and oh GOSHHHH he is really junior-Big-C!! one day they'll be walking side-by-side looking like clone#1 and clone#2 !

  21. Oh wow! Time was just like yesterday when we were looking at your preggie photos..and he's one already! Happy belated birthday Justin!

  22. happy mickey 1 yr old birthday!

  23. Happy Birthday Small J... time really flies... cant catch up with their development.

  24. What? One already! I think the world is turning around faster anda faster! Happy Birthday to adorable Justin!

  25. All that effort was really worth it with his one beautiful smile!
    Happy Birthday Justin.

  26. what a storm u could cooked up, bravo!! yes, that was indeed a very **memorable laugh** :D

  27. well done to you! maybe you can consider opening a catering service too for birthdays - i'll hire you...haha :)

  28. woi. happy belated birthday to lil justin. sumua photo bery beautiful. i suka the 1st one very much. nice.

  29. Happy birthday, Justin! THAT smile is PERFECT Mummy looks good too :)

    Lucky you got a good photographer...

  30. everything here looks absolutely perfect, babe. i can't believe how fast time zooms by. happy belated birthday to justin.

    p/s: the 1st pic is stunning!

  31. What a hearty laugh he gave everyone there. Happy Belated Birthday Justin. Next year ask Big J to let you blow the candles k.. :D

  32. Happy BIG ONE, Justin. Time flies! I love his smile! It's so sweet and priceless! So once seeing his smile, all the hard work worth! I am waiting for my minnie mouse to turn one!

  33. Happy belated birthday Justin!!!

    Yummy food + lovely cupcakes!

    Love Justin picture with the big smile! So cute!

  34. his smile. Make all things worthwhile huh.

  35. Happy Belated 1st Birthday Justin. Aiyo, so cute how excited he looked.

    Btw hor, mommy where got wrinkle??? Not even one tiny little one. Some woman just have all the luck ;)