Wednesday, September 02, 2009


That day suddenly i told my hub:

Me: B. When I die, make sure u put on my Levi's jeans for me okay?

Big C: Oh ok. When I die, I want to be naked.

Me: Choi! then no one come to funeral lor? So watt tatt!

Big C: Haha.Which Levis you want to wear?

Me: That one i always wear one lor. Super low.

Big C: you only want to wear that ah ?

Me: chey, that is my favourite thing ma.

Big C: ok ok. When I die, I want to wear my Nike "Never surrender" (the same shirt he wore when I gave birth to Jayden and Justin)

Me: Lagi ppl don't wanna come. You "never surrender" means don't wanna die and later be mummy start to grab ppl how?

Both: Hahhahahahah

Then I went home and thought again.

Cham lor! I am 28 years old.
And all I think about to bring with me is my Levi's jeans?
My Rm229 Levi's jeans?
No expensive bags.
No Expensive jewelleries.
Just my Levi's jeans.

Either I am :
A) Totally in love with my pair of jeans
B) I am damn plain
C) I am damn poor to own any branded stuff.

*think think*
I am all (D) All of the above.


  1. sampat sial! hahahahhaa... u at least got Levi's jeans, me tarak

  2. hahaa... i can imagine the scenario, the conversation between u and hubby... if older ppl were to hear that, they will ask u to spit out saliva and talk again.. choi choi... hahhaa...

    now.. what shall i want to wear when i die? *think, think too*

  3. *pi piak*
    sampat post..
    dont think of die.

  4. hmmm...never thot of what i wanna wear when i die wor. only told hubby i don't want a noisy funeral (i scared of all the tok chiang sounds) and that don't leave me alone in the funeral parlour at nights (i also scared of those places!)! yes, ppl will scream at us for thinking such things but hey, it's reality la, we are all going 2 die one day and why don't we prepare for it also eh!

  5. i think you very hiao lah. die also wanna wear super low...hahahahahahahaha

  6. Haha... then I am E - none of the above... apa pun tarak LOL

  7. hhahaha..liddat oso can. I only think of who will update my blog or announce my death if i die LOL> Never thought what to wear

  8. lol...wear jeans oni? wat bout the top? naked???? lol

  9. I oni got pasar malam jeans. Worse than you....

  10. wats make u start the conversation? how come think of such thing leh? not even 30 woh

  11. woi woman.. when ppl die 'chat lou pat sap' ppl got this clothes call 'sau yi' one.. then hoh, your levis' jeans wont be able to tahan till that long la.. maybe for your DIL as 'ka chuen zhi po'.. muahaha..

    and being "D" for all the above, not bad also ma..

  12. Hahahahahaha ...... can't stop laughing when reading your conversation with your hubby! Both of you are so cute lar!! Honestly!!

  13. u damn siau ah, say such things at early age!! choi choi choi!!

    next time got ur wardrobe full of collection only u think of such again ok

  14. Levi jeans??!!! What if cannot fit? *lol*

  15. LOL. this post maakes me laugh... you are really sweet. it's okay to be plain and poor but rich in soul :)

    you know what, when it's time to go.. you won't be thinking what to take with you .. but what you can leave behind :)

  16. hahahahha....ya wor!! U still got Levi's Jeans, me got nothing too!!

  17. wuahahaha... funny!!!

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  19. still in month 7 leh...don't talk about this...

    well, on the other hand good to let each other know what is his/her super love too...but those you No now, don't worry la, you still got plenty of good time to let own it..May be by the time u go sell "salted duck egg", you will want to bring more to go.